Facebook Not Loading on iPhone? Smart Tips to Fix It

Facebook is just not loading on your iPhone. Every time, you launch the social networking app, it gets stuck and doesn’t seem to be getting through.

Fret not, mate! Many of us have experienced the slow loading of Facebook at some point or the other. Luckily, there are a few workable solutions to fix the ill-functioning of the social networking app. Give them a chance, and I’m sure the problem would be gone!

How to Fix the Slow Loading of Facebook on iPhone

The Simple Yet Effective Tricks to Resolve the Sluggish Loading of Facebook

First off, give a try to the following three easy solutions that might get rid of the problem. If they don’t work, move on to the next set of fixes.

Solution #1: Force quit the app and launch it again.

It’s one of the simplest ways to fix the unresponsiveness or slow loading of apps.

Solution #2: Turn ON/OFF Wi-Fi/ Cellular Data a few times.

Refresh the cellular or Wi-Fi. In most cases, it should get your work done. Settings → Wi-Fi/Cellular.

Solution #3: Clear history and website data.

Are you using the web version of the app on your iOS device? Try clearing out the browsing history.

In Safari: Settings → Safari → Clear History and Website Data.

In Chrome: Tap on the menu button → Settings → Privacy → Clear Browsing Data → Select the data type you want to get rid of → Hit the Clear Browsing Data.

Has the app started to roll over smoothly? If yes, get on with it as usual. If it hasn’t, check out the below solutions…

A Bit Radical Solutions to Troubleshoot Facebook

#1. Delete Facebook and Reinstall it Again. I’ve been able to fix this problem so many times by following this trick. Hopefully, it may work for you as well.

Simply touch and hold the app → when it starts jiggling, tap on the “X” button and then hit the Delete in the popup to confirm.

#2. Are you using a third party app to view your Facebook data? It may be creating a problem. Download the official Facebook app.

#3. Reboot your iPhone. The process of force restarting iPhone varies on different models. If you need help, jump over to this post.

#4. Reset All Settings. (Settings → General → Reset → Reset All Settings). Resetting your device to factory settings may be a bit lengthy, but it can click in troubleshooting the issue.

#5. Make sure that Facebook is up-to-date. Go to App Store → Tap on ProfileUnder Update All, locate Facebook and then hit the Update button next to it. Check out this post to know how to quickly update iOS apps.

#6. Make sure the Internet works in other apps. If you find other apps rocking pretty well, check out if Facebook can access the Internet–especially when you are using cellular data. Open Settings appCellular → scroll down and ensure that the switch next to Facebook is ON.

#7. Some VPN (Virtual Private Network) may be rather sluggish while loading it. It might also be trying to block the app. Disable VPN and check out if the social media app loads without it.

#8. DNS server settings may be causing the issue if it’s not up to the mark. Change DNS settings on your iPhone/iPad.

#9. Update iOS On Your Device: Software Update often brings in tons of bug fixes and improvements. So, don’t forget to give a try to this ever-reliable solution when nothing seems to be working. Open Settings app → General → Software Update → Download and Install the update.

#10. Report the problem to Facebook. Luckily, there is an option to report any problem related to the app. Tap on More tab in Facebook App → Help and Support → Report a Problem → Something isn’t Working → Now, you need to choose what’s not working for you and give a brief explanation about the issue and then send it.

That’s pretty much it!

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Having been on the receiving end a few times, I can say that updating or reinstalling the app should get your job done in most cases. Only in some rare cases will you have to go beyond the basic solutions.

Take a peek at the below tutorials as well:

So, which one of the above tricks worked for you? Do not forget to share your feedback in the comments box.

Facebook Not Loading on iPhone

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Facebook Not Loading on iPhone
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