Get ready to stop receiving annoying chat messages when you are using Facebook’s native iOS/Android app. Facebook has been sending messages to users saying that it will be kicking out the chat-head and messaging feature from the official app.

Facebook’s separate Messaging app stays. And that’s the reason why Facebook is giving the boot to the message feature on its app. But it’s not rolling it out at once as a single update. It’s gradually applying it to various demographies.

Facebook Killing Messaging Chat Head feature in Official iPhone & iPad App

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But why the move? One of the most easiest reasons I can think of is that it’s a logical move for focus. Facebook’s Messenger app is specifically for chats. If you are using the Facebook app to look at your news feed and interact through comments and likes, you shouldn’t get disturbed by the incessant pings over chat. The removal of messaging feature ensures this.

It is not a move that will be heartily welcomed though. Many people haven’t even got the Messenger app installed because they let just one app take care of all that. From Facebook’s point of view, the move is necessary to get its app tightly focused and wrapped around one particular activity.

For some users, this should be a happy development. Getting messaging out of the main app will mean less distractions while you browse your news feed and share status updates.

On iOS, Messenger has been an “okay” kind of an app. The Facebook app – which was updated to be a native app instead of running on HTML5 – turned out to be hugely good and successful. Like I said, mixed response here. On one hand, you’re happy that Messaging is now out of normal feeds but two apps for one service sounds like one too many.

If you don’t chat on Facebook, if you don’t like to respond to Facebook messages, you can just get rid of Messenger and Paper and use Facebook’s native app. If not, you can pick the Messenger app to go with Facebook app.

Companies like Apple kill some feature that it deems backward, unnecessary or redundant. Like throwing out floppy drives way back when most computers were still featuring them. Or like throwing out CD-drives when you thought it was the most vital part.

Facebook’s doing something not very similar in style but in function.

You can, of course, skip an update (make sure automatic updates are turned off) to retain the messaging feature if you feel like it.

In case you update the App by mistake here is the tutorial to get back older version of iPhone app.