Facebook has updated its iOS app and the new features make us go “cool!”

Ever since Facebook updated (or more like re-wrote) the whole iOS app, things have been pretty smooth. Yesterday, Facebook announced a couple of updates to the app and they are in no measure small.

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These updates directly affect how you interact and share stuff on Facebook and put simply, the changes are astounding.

Take a look:

1. Record videos on the in-app camera

Facebook iOS App in App Recordingg

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While Facebook did allow you to capture images (and even produced a separate app for this very purpose), you couldn’t capture videos on-the-fly and share them on Facebook.

With the new update, you can.

When you tap on ‘Photos’ to share a photo, you can now capture photos and if you look to the bottom of the interface, you’ll find a slider similar to the one you find on the native camera app. Slide and you’re set to capture videos!

2. Send voice messages via Chat
This is even cooler. You can send voice messages directly to your friends via Facebook chat.

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When you tap on the ‘+’ sign near the text-field, you have the option of “recording your voice.” Tap on ‘Record Voice’ and you’ll be prompted to the screen shown below:

Facebook iOS App Emoji

Facebook iPhone App Voice Chat

Just like it says there, tap and hold to speak and then hit Send. It’s a lot like talking on a walkie-talkie so this should be fun.

3. Emoji and new chat interface
You’ll also notice in the same screen that the new chat interface has a major change: emoji!

You no longer have to enable Emoji on your keyboard in order get these sizzling emoticons. There’s four pages of emoji and they’re all compatible with the browser too so your friend knows exactly what you’re saying through emoticons.

4. Hide Posts
See those barely-visible dots stacked vertically on the right of a post? Tap that and you can hide posts or report them to Facebook. This is another new feature that should come in handy if you need to hide specific posts from a user/page.

Facebook iOS App Hide Posts

5. Changes to local search
Facebook also mentions that the update brings changes to local search which should make it easier to find places nearby you.

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That’s about it. Now, let me start the voice conversation from where I left off on Facebook! Go on!