Best Facebook Cover Creator iPhone/iPad Apps For Creative FB Covers!

Use these best Facebook cover creator iPhone and iPad apps to decorate your FB cover to promote your brand, launch any product or create a lot of buzz on the social media.

Creating FB covers can be fun if you’re a Photoshop-wielding creative genius who knows how to design crazy stuff. But what if you’re not? Where do you go if you want to make some cool Facebook Cover photos?

You could ask your designer friend who keeps digging something new every once in a while. Or you could just use one of these crazy but interesting Facebook Cover makers built specifically for the iPad and the iPhone. Ready to dive right in?

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Best Facebook Cover Creator iPhone-iPad Apps

Let me first put the disclaimers in place: some of these are free but some of the features in them are locked behind a paywall. Meaning, you have to pay to upgrade so you can have all the features of the app. Two: we couldn’t test them all but we did take a complete look at all the reviews and the ratings not just on the App Store but at what other people are saying.

Best Facebook Cover Creator Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Cover Photo Maker for Facebook

“Cover Photo Maker” is just what you would want to create an excellent cover for your Facebook account. There are multiple attractive templates to let you quickly design a great cover.

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Access photos from your Camera Roll, Facebook or Instagram and design them to your best liking. If you want something out-of-the-box, search the web for an attractive image that can add more value to your cover. There are tons of different backgrounds, stickers, and banners to let you customize your cover as beautifully as you wish.

Price: Free

#2. Cover Photo Maker & Creator

As far as functionality is concerned, I would rate this app very highly. It features glass distortion effects which enormously enhance the look of your cover photo. The amazing light leaks add more value to the image.

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Having more than 50 preset filters, it instantly transforms the look of your photo. You can easily adjust text ad desired. Better still, it makes a lot easy to control vibrancy, hue, opacity, etc.

Price: $1.99

#3. Cover Canvas

“Cover Canvas” can bring your Facebook cover to life with élan. You have more than 100 stunning templates with fabulous design to choose from. Depending on different occasions, you can create your cover using plenty of beautiful themes.

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Beautifully designed collages make your cover look pretty unique. The smart photo picker lets you select multiple pics at once. There are several text editing options and various fonts to let you edit text with the needed flair.

Price: Free

#4. Customize profile & cover photo

Do you think that your Facebook profile and cover can be more appealing? If yes, you need to have a go at this smart app which allows you to edit your FB profile as well as cover photo elegantly.

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Create fascinating montages that quickly arrest the eyes of your friends. Combine your photos and frame images perfectly and add your own creativity to make the cover look stand out. The app does seem to be a bit overpriced, but you would love giving it a try.

Price: $1.99

#5. Cover Photo Maker

“Cover Photo Maker” has a simplistic approach to create a cover photo. It has a great many inspirational quotes to let you add more value to your cover.

To get started, just choose the impressive layout, pick an exclusive photo from its library or your Camera Roll and give it the desired look by editing it stylishly. Use different fonts and colors to boost the appearance. There are several filters to adorn the quality of your photo.

Price: Free

#6. VanillaPen

VanillaPen is an excellent poster maker. Featuring more than 200 custom made posters, it provides you plenty of readymade choice. If you want to give them your personal touch, you have the option to customize the images.

You can create eye-catching gradients and backgrounds. There are as many as 86 fonts in six different categories such as decorative, grunge, inline, light, script, bold to let you edit text with aplomb.

Price: Free

#7. Poster Creator

“Poster Creator” is pretty simple yet highly effective cover maker. It provides all the required tools to turn your image into dashing cover. Make the most of the high-quality templates to give your idea a perfect shape.

Add custom text to personalize the cover. If you want to make your Facebook look a bit thoughtful, use great quotes. Use cool fonts to augment the appearance of the text. And, there are a plethora of stickers to make your poster look fun-loving.

Price: Free

#8. Poster Maker

Poster Maker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Courtesy of a huge library of more than 1000 attractive backgrounds, “Poster Maker” is a fantastic tool to create sensational posters. You can choose from over 100 overlays and filters to customize the look of the cover.

There are 88 different kinds of fonts to let you create an eye-catching typographic design. With 365 decorative and design elements in 8 different categories like badges, accents, borders, ribbons, everyday icons, grunge, floral and basics available, you have plenty options to experiment.

The app comes with the 7-day free trial after that you will have to pay $5.99 monthly.

Price: Free

#9. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post iPhone and iPad Facebook Cover page App Screenshot

Loaded with the wide range of professionally designed filters and editing tools, Adobe Spark Post has got everything to be your firm favorite. The app lets you create eye-catching collages, flyers and attractive covers that instantly create the sensation on social media.

Make stunning animated posts and blast them as videos. You can also design your text to make your cover look appealing. With a lot of readymade templates available, you won’t find it difficult to create nice covers. Additionally, you can upgrade to the premium version of the app ($9.99/monthly and $99.99/yearly) to unlock more features.

Price: Free

#10. Cover Photos for Facebook

Cover Photos for Facebook iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

The first thing that has caught my eyes in this app is the huge collection of photos. They are gorgeously designed and available in various categories like abstract, beaches, black & white, Christian cross, deserts, flowers, fractal, girly, holidays, horse, lakes, life-style, love, meadows, music, nature, painting and more.

So, you always have something really wonderful to choose from and make your Facebook cover look stunning. Select from various fonts to design the message on the poster. You can save your cover to the Camera Roll and also share it with your friends via Instagram.

Price: Free

The Last Word…

I can’t wait to know your feedback about these cover makers. Let me know which one of these apps has impressed you.

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