Creating FB covers can be fun if you’re a Photoshop-wielding creative genius who knows how to design crazy stuff. But what if you’re not? Where do you go if you want to make some cool Facebook Cover photos?

You could ask your designer friend who keeps digging something new every once in a while. Or you could just use one of these crazy but interesting Facebook Cover makers built specifically for the iPad and the iPhone.

Ready to dive right in?

Let me first put the disclaimers in place: all of these are free but some of the features in them are locked behind a paywall. Meaning, you have to pay to upgrade so you can have all the features of the app. Two: we couldn’t test them all but we did take a complete look at all the reviews and the ratings not just on the App Store but at what other people are saying.

Facebook Cover Creator Apps for iPhone iPad

5 Best Facebook Cover Creator Apps for iPhone and iPad:

1. Cover Photo Maker for Facebook

Cover Photo Maker for Facebook FreeRanked near the top for the best Facebook Cover maker apps in the App Store, this one is really a brilliant app. There are tons of customization options, you can add text, change the layout, adjust stuff around with simple gestures and do more. The free version works good but you’ll need to upgrade to the $2.99 IAP if you want to take the full benefit out of this one.

Download Cover Photo Maker

2. Cover & Profile Maker for Your Facebook – Lite

Cover & Profile Maker for your FacebookThe lite version is free and is pretty good because it shows you how good the app is. It’s not very fancy or power-packed like Cover Photo Maker but it’s good to go for first-time users who don’t want to be overwhelmed with all that customization.

Download Cover & Profile Maker

3. FBCoverArt

FBCoverArt iPhone AppMy first impressions about FBCoverArt weren’t all that good but I was quickly proved wrong. FBCoverArt is a behemoth of an app with tons of amazing features, templates, customizations and more. While the free version (basic) does indeed let you in on a lot of these, you might feel compelled to get the paid upgrades to experience the full force of the app.

Download FBCoverArt

4. Instant Cover

Instant Cover iPhone AppInstant Cover is a good app when it comes to making Facebook covers simply because it has one of the best interfaces to make those covers. It is also pretty easy to use and with a variety of layouts to try, but the only pain is that you have to upgrade to use the designs you’ve created.

Download Instant Cover

5. iFB Cover for iPad

iFB Cover iPad AppiFB Cover is designed specifically for the iPad and that’s a plus: because you get a large canvas to play around with. Like most other apps, it has a lot of templates to choose from. The ease-of-use and the rapid development means you’re getting more features with this app. Right now there aren’t any in-app purchases so it’s the only fully-free app on our list (limited time). Read full review of iFB Cover for iPad.

Download iFB Cover