Facebook has unveiled “Facebook At Work” primarily made for enterprise market on App Store. The app is designed with both iOS and Android. The Facebook At Work will be accessible via its main website. Facebook at Work iPhone and iPad App

The Work has a striking similarity with Facebook. With some added enhancements and upgrades with a view to making the app very helpful in working environment, the social giant has entered into a familiar but new territory.

Pretty Expedient Tool

Facebook At Work will allow businesses to create separate log-ins for their employees in order to use them with their work account. Moreover, users can link their log-ins to get everything at one place. The Work has been made to bring communication within the working environment smooth, transparent and effortless. The app seems to be pretty expedient and has got enough features to attract workaholics.

Very Much Like Facebook

The Work will allow employers to create their own social networks among their employees. The social networks, which will be very much like Facebook, will make internal communication like; pass on news, share documents, plan meetings and more among employees convenient.

If you have been a Facebook user for years, the social giant in its latest avatar will surely attract you. The biggest plus point the app carries with it is the fabulous name that its elder sibling has got.

No In-App Editing Currently

Users can share documents on the Work. However, as of now there is no facility of in-app editing. This is just the beginning so we can expect some shortcomings. But, we are sure it will get better with time. Considering the purpose for which it has been developed, it would have to be at its very best.

Available For Free

The Work is available for free from App Store. Knowing the massive popularity of the social giant, it shouldn’t find much difficulty in becoming as engaging as Facebook.

Even though there are already so many major players such as Microsoft’s Yammer, Slack, Convo, Socialcast and great many others who are giving their best shot to make the most of enterprise social network, the Work app is sure to stand on its own.

The Work requires iOS 7 or later and is compatible with iPhone/iPad and iPod touch.

Download Facebook At Work