FaceApp Causes Furore Over Data Privacy As Creativity Takes Flight To Fancy

FaceApp in Data Privacy Row, Trips in Bid to Amuse and Help Image Makeover. Beware Similar Apps May Compromise Your Personal Information.

Creativity has taken another level with FaceApp assisting smartphone users to mime/edit/change/transform an individual’s picture with desired effects and filters. These features loaded App help one look young, old (face aging), Hollywood kind, and more in pictures.

Just download FaceApp on the App Store, and after mandatory information filed in, you come across picture library that displays a host of celebrity and other pictures. Select and tap on one, and you see below a selection of look you wish for the celebrity in image makeover to edit with a host of other effect options like hair color, with or without glasses, and, what not! In fact, you can transform any person’s picture with such visually pleasing effects that the ‘real’ person will in disbelief say, “Am I the one, in this picture?” Amused?

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Caution Recommended: FaceApp and Other Apps Are Likely to Infringe on Data Privacy.

We spell ‘Caution’ with a capital ‘C!’ Yes, friends here goes the note of caution explained as we saw, read, and heard from various media regarding the extent of infringement of Data Privacy by the said App provider.

Now, do this on your own photos from photo gallery and select an image, and follow the steps mentioned above. Wow, you change the looks of a person either drastically or frugally but not as he/she is! While the effects are amazingly appearing, your mobile instrument is clinically posting the entire picture or the set on to FaceApp Cloud Database, which it wholly controls.

FaceApp AI Face Editor iPhone and iPad App Screenshot
Your tryst with data privacy begins, now!

The site quoted Joshua Nozzi, Developer and App Maker saying;

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“BE CAREFUL WITH FACEAPP – the face aging fad app. It immediately uploads your photos without asking whether you chose one or not. As soon as I granted access to my photos, it started listing them slowly a row at a time, almost like network delays. I quickly hit Airplane Mode, and it instantly listed them all, refusing to let me select any because I’m offline. IT’S UPLOADING ALL YOUR PHOTOS.”

FaceApp in its Data Privacy Policy document very innocuously states:

“We collect the following types of information. Information you provide us directly: User Content (e.g., photos and other materials) that you post through the Service. Communications between you and FaceApp. For example, we may send you Service-related emails (e.g., changes/updates to features of the Service, technical and security notices). Note that you may not opt-out of Service-related e-mails.”

Data Privacy – A Global Concern For All

Not all data/photos may be ‘taken in’ on FaceApp servers, but then, this raises alarm bells as a result. For now, doubts are misplaced but be that as it so, we say. It offers blanket permissions and rights to FaceApp. Surprised? So, what do you read from all this?

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World wide, governments, corporates, consumers, and individuals are all grappling with some or other kind of Data Privacy Policy issues. Adding to all this, FaceApp too will fuel the controversial topic and head for a tumultuous situation.

Let us wait and watch until the last word is out from FaceApp. Are Data Privacy issues on your mind? Share your experience, in case of FaceApp or similar Apps that have possibly raised heckles on the subject discussed.

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