EZTrigger iPhone Music App for Drummers

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The world of smart apps has widened its boundaries. Useful apps are downloaded by users from business, education, entertainment, finance and other sections of life. Day by day, app developers/designers have explored almost all areas of human life, where apps make a real difference.

Of late, I got to know about EZTrigger. Initially, I thought it must have been made for young users, who love percussion instruments. But when I explored the app, I was surprised to find that the app is actually meant for serious drummers or an orchestra performed by the group of professional artists.

EZTrigger Music App for iPhone

EZTrigger is a revolutionary app for professional drummers; the app can easily turn your iPhone or iPad into a single channel drum module, which allows any drummer to trigger a high definition bass drum from an acoustic kit on stage.

Unlike other hardware, which requires a lot of hassle to set up, EZTrigger gives bass drum a boost in the mix with the easy setup in seconds. All you need is iRig 2 from IK Multimedia, PA sound system, and a couple of cords. The app requires iOS 9 and later versions on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

First off, put your iPhone on an Airplane mode, and then attach the iRig to the bottom of your iPhone. Attach the trigger to your base drum and connect the trigger and iRig with the help of a cord. Now connect the PA sound system with the speaker top of the iRig; you can hear a big burr when you attach PA sound system with the iRig.

On your iPhone, it is quite easy to download EZTrigger from iTunes or App Store from the device itself. The best part of the app is it doesn’t require log-in, so you don’t have to reveal your email id or Facebook account to any third-party app. On the iPhone, you can adjust sensitivity, volume, tuning and velocity. Moreover, you can choose from 35 bass drum samples; select any one and play your drum set.

The EZTrigger is a perfect companion of drummers who give the live performance. It best works with standard piezo drum triggers. iRig 2 Guitar interface is essential for EZTrigger; choose any of the high-quality 44.1Khz bass drum samples for rock and other genres of music.

Go ahead, set the stage on fire with EZTrigger!

Price: $9.99
Download EZTrigger (currently not available)

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