EZ Estate iOS app review: Take care of your final affairs

If there’s one lesson that the year 2020 has imparted, it is that life is unpredictable, and we never know when the sun will set on any of us. Losing a loved one is painful enough without the added burden of sorting out their affairs. Thus, making estate planning a vital task that everyone should prioritize. Thanks to the EZ Estate app for iPhone and iPad, it is easy, convenient, efficient, and affordable.

I put it to the test, and here is our final take on it.

Why do you need the EZ Estate iOS app? 

There is a common misconception that creating a will and sorting out legal affairs is for the elderly. But with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become clear that every adult, regardless of age, needs to have their paperwork in order, just in case.

Moreover, apart from wills and living trusts, many more intricate yet essential details need to be sorted out. For instance, where do you keep your insurance documents? What are your passwords? What should be done with your personal belongings? Who should take care of your pets?

EZ Estate is a one-stop solution to organize and manage all this and more so that your loved ones can have a comparatively easier time. It’s a one-of-a-kind app that lets you leave detailed instructions in one place about every aspect of what should happen in case of your demise. Let’s dig into the features.

Useful features of the EZ Estate iOS app 

Easy user interface 

EZ Estate is a well-designed app that’s organized clearly into categories and subcategories that are easy to navigate. It guides you step-by-step through different aspects that you should look into as part of your detailed estate planning.

Interestingly, it uses a spoken audio interface to guide you through the setup process. You can enter your information by typing it in or recording directly via video. It also offers a handy status update about how many subcategories remain to be filled up so that you don’t overlook anything.

Easy user interface of EZ estate app for iPhone and iPad

Financial records 

My Financials category makes it convenient to keep all your family financial records in one place. This helps keep your family informed about your money and provides convenient access to any specific information they may need. You can also print out any records from the app whenever hard copies are needed. Add details of your debts and bills that need to be paid for your loved ones stay in the know.

Financial Records section in EZ Estate iPhone and iPad App

Important documents

The app offers a dedicated section for sorting out your Will, Power of Attorney, Insurance Policies, etc., so that your family can easily have access to these essential documents. This will prevent confusion during a stressful time of grief and help ease the process of sorting out your affairs.

You can also add details about your retirement funds along with essential contacts such as accountants, managers, etc.

Important Documents Section in EZ Estate iPhone and iPad App

Further, you can include information about your properties with detailed instructions about who will inherit them after you are gone.

Bequest assets

There is usually no space to mention who should receive your more personal belongings in a formal will. The EZ Estate app bridges this gap by allowing you to detail who should get assets like jewelry or other valuables. This will prevent family feuds after your demise and ensures that assets are passed on to the rightful heirs you select.

Bequest Assets Section in EZ Estate iPhone and iPad App


An oft-overlooked aspect when it comes to wills and estate planning is the question of what happens to your pets after your demise. You can provide instructions about this in the EZ Estate app to ensure that your 4-legged family members have a loving home to go to.

Funeral planning

It may seem macabre to think of your funeral, but it’s better to seize control than leave it to chance. This app lets you leave instructions about what kind of funeral you would like, such as a burial or a cremation, and record such specific requests as who should be informed about your passing, what kind of service you would like, etc.

This will help your family know what you want to give you a fitting goodbye without stressing or arguing over the logistics.

Funeral Planning in EZ Estate iPhone and iPad App

Cloud Security

If you’re concerned about all your personal and confidential information, this app locally encrypts your data on your device, and you can set a passcode to unlock it. You need not worry about your details getting into the wrong hands and can have peace of mind knowing that you are helping out those you will leave behind.

Your last words for your loved ones

Death doesn’t come pre-planned, and it’s not often that we pour our heart out. EZ Estate has a special section that enables you to write a message for your loved ones. Leave them with the last words you’d want them to remember.

The verdict: An essential estate planning tool 

An important point to note is that the EZ Estate app is not a substitute for legal advice, nor is it legally binding. Therefore, you should consult with the appropriate professionals, like a lawyer, about how to use the app as a component of your plan.

That said, EZ Estate offers an incredibly convenient way to ease the transition for your loved ones upon your demise. It makes it easy for you to leave detailed instructions about everything from your will and bequests to your essential documents and records.

I feel it is a one-stop solution for every practical-minded individual who wants to seize control of their affairs and ensure that their family members have timely access to vital financial, legal, and personal information.


  • 1 Month Subscription: $4.99
  • 1 Year Subscription: $49.99

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