Ten Smart Tips to Extend Apple Watch Battery Life

Apple Watch has a comparatively lower battery life than other smartwatches. The 18 hours of active/passive battery life doesn’t seem to get along well, if you use your watch extensively. By the time you return home after a hard fought days of active life, you find your watch almost dead for want of power. That’s when you wish, if only the watch could last long!

Though we have already covered some significant tips to improve Apple Watch battery life, we thought it would be nice if we add more tricks to help Watch users maximize the life of battery. Taking these tips into account would be nothing less than a masterstroke, should you decide to conserve as much power as possible. Take a look!

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Extend Apple Watch Battery Life

Ten Smart Tips to Maximize Apple Watch Battery Life

#1. Turn off Notification Indicator
Notification Indicator keeps you alerted about the unread notifications. It’s helpful as and works well in helping you being notified about your pending alerts in Notification Center. When Notification Indicator is enabled, a red dot appears at the top of Apple Watch.

But, if you think that you can do without it and wish to extend your Watch battery, putting it off would be a good punch.

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Launch Apple Watch app on your iPhone → tap on My Watch → tap on Notifications and turn off Notification Indicator.

#2. Turn off Notification Privacy
When Notification Privacy is enabled, the details of any notification alert remains hidden until you tap on it. Disable if you don’t need it.

Open Apple Watch app on iPhone → Tap My Watch → Notifications and disable Notification Privacy.

#3. Stop Directions
While finding a location with the use of your Apple Watch, if you think that you don’t want instructions from the watch any more, you can Stop Directions. Force Touch on your Watch screen and tap on Stop Directions.

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#4. Prominent Haptic
By default, Prominent Haptic is turned off. When it is enabled, you have an additional tap on your wrist before the arrival of any notification. Just in case, you have enabled it unknowingly, it’s apt to keep it disabled.

#5. Turn on Grayscale Mode
Grayscale is an integral part of Accessibility feature. Though most people look at it as something that is designed for those who are colorblind, it may be very useful in saving tons of battery life on your watch. That’s not all; the grey color of the watch Home screen can bring about a classic appeal too.

#6. Adjust Haptic Intensity
Apple Watch lightly taps on your wrist to keep you informed about any alerts. The watch has an option to let you adjust the Haptic alert intensity. Keeping it at the minimum level, would be a deal breaker in terms of maximizing your watch battery life.

#7. Turn off the Messages Sound
If you don’t want to hear the buzzing sound every time any message comes, you can turn off the message sound.

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Open Apple Watch app on iPhone → tap on My Watch → tap on Notifications followed by Messages → tap on Custom and turn off the sound.

#8. Disable Stand Reminders
Apple Watch has a feature called Stand which aims to keep you active. Whenever you remain sitting continuously for an hour, it reminds you through a haptic alert and also plays an audio sound that it’s time you need to stand and be active.

Due you need to be reminded that you have to stand every hour? If no, then go to My Watch app on iPhone → tap on Activity and turn off Stand Reminders.

#9. Turn off Mirror iPhone
When Mirror iPhone is turned on, when you enable Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch, Do Not Disturb is also enabled on your iPhone. If you don’t need it, turn off Mirror iPhone.

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Open Apple Watch appMy Watch → tap on Do Not Disturb and turn off Mirror iPhone.

#10. Adjust the Apple Watch Sound
As per your need, you can adjust Apple Watch sound or even mute it. It’s a well-known trick about letting you extend your watch battery.

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