How to Export iCloud Calendar on Your iPhone

Export iCloud Calendar from iPhone or iPad

Arguably, it’s not that easy to import/export calendar data from your iPhone/iPad to other devices or tools. For instance, you can’t “easily” import Google calendar data into your iCloud calendar. The best you can do is add Google calendar to your iPhone through your Gmail account.

Something similar happens with exporting calendar data. I mean, right on the iPhone or iPad, you can’t “export” your calendar data to anywhere. You can share the calendar with a few friends or send an event across but exporting is not a possibility. At least, not an easy possibility.

How to Export iCloud Calendar on Your iPhone/iPad

But you can export a calendar on your iPhone/iPad through iCloud. Here’s how to do that:

(We’re assuming that you use iCloud to sync your calendars. If you’re not, you should do so now because we rely on iCloud to export the calendar.)

Before you begin: On your iPhone, make sure you sync Calendars on iCloud. To do this go to SettingsiCloud and switch on Calendar.

Step #1. Open on the web browser.

Step #2. Login with your Apple ID.

Step #3. Click on Calendar to open it.

Export iCloud Calendar from iPhone or iPad

Step #4. On the side panel, click on the options icon to the right of the calendar’s name.

Step #5. Tick the Public Calendar check box.

Step #6. As you click, you’ll notice a webcal URL. Copy the URL.

Step #7. Paste the URL in a new tab but replace webcal with HTTP. Hit go to open the URL.

Export iCloud Calendar on iPhone or iPad

Step #8. A file will be downloaded now. This is the Calendar file containing all relevant data. It’s usually an ICS file so add the extension “.ics” to the file.

This will make it open by default on your Mac (or in supported tools).

At the moment, this is the only way to export your iPhone/iPad calendars in whole. It’s not possible to export them directly into Google Calendar or Outlook but you can certainly use the downloaded file to do that.

Know a better tool/method to export calendars from an iPhone to another device/tool? Let us know!

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