Industry Observers Expect Apple to Launch Foldable iPhones Soon

Samsung and Huawei are coming up with foldable smartphones, and this has created some pressure on Apple to launch iPhones with foldable technology. Everyone, including industry insiders, are now looking for Apple to innovate in this direction.

Whenever any big Android player introduces a new technology in mobile devices, everybody looks at Apple in some hope that the tech giant will come up with a better product/software technology.

Recently, Samsung and Huawei have announced foldable smartphones, and now Apple is under pressure to give a fitting response to the folding devices launched by the rivals.

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Apple Cannot Afford to Ignore Emerging Trend of Foldable Devices: DigiTimes

According to reports from DigiTimes, “Apple cannot afford to ignore this emerging trend (foldable devices) and must be keen on developing foldable models.”

Notably, Apple’s brand value is associated with innovation. However, one must not forget that Apple is not the first mover in many products and technology; for example, AR headset, OLED display, wireless charging, and others.

On the other hand, many industry insiders believe that Apple should not miss this opportunity to challenge its rivals, especially when its iPhone sales are declining.

For Apple, it is a company that never bothers about competition, and therefore, Apple dislikes the idea of crafting products to compete with rivals.

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Experts believe that there are many Android players, who are coming up with foldable models, and this can challenge Apple’s brand as a leader in innovation in mobile technology.

Apple has a reason to procrastinate as Samsung and Huawei will manufacture a limited number of devices. Moreover, the devices are likely to be available at a high price and imperfect technology. This will keep consumers away from buying this new technology. Apple has got a full scope to perfect the technology.

If you ask analysts, folding smartphones offer an excellent opportunity for Apple to rule the future tech world.

What is Apple doing now?

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It is not that Apple doesn’t want to capitalize on this new trend. Recent reports from Pocketnow suggests that Apple is developing a foldable iPhone as it has received foldable display samples from Samsung. The displays from Samsung are said to be flexible OLED panels, which measure 7.2 inches.

To manufacture its foldable models, Apple has patented a few technologies. From what Apple has done so far, it is most likely that the company will master the technology and then launch its devices.

Summing up…

Apple believes in perfection, and therefore, it has always delayed its product releases. Foldable smartphones may not be the need of every customer. Apple will test the waters and then will take a plunge.

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Image Credit: Phonerebel

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