Nothing like a well-thought-out tweak. Exigency is a tweak that adds the ability to call any contact right from the passcode screen. Sure, seems like a little over-reaching security feature but implemented rightly, this could be an interesting tweak to have.

From the iPhone’s passcode lockscreen, you are allowed to make an emergency call. This is a security feature and it’s almost on every other smartphone you can think of.

But what if you’re in an emergency and you need to call someone from your contacts? No, sir that’s not part of the deal.

But Raviraj, the guy who brought Pluck, Compose and Addial rcently, is out with another interesting tweak: Exigency.

Exigency Cydia Tweak

Exigency puts a Call Contact option into the Emergency Call button you find on the passcode screen. With this, you can pick any contact from your phonebook to call without having to enter the passcode. Once you’re done with the call, the phone goes back to the lockscreen. Essentially, this means you’re able to access just the contacts.

The tweak works on a security flaw that created a storm resulting in Apple releasing updates which strangely didn’t fix the issue.

As someone pointed out, being able to call any contact seems like an overkill and a breach of sorts. Suppose someone gets access to your iPhone accidentally, even though you’ve got pass lock ON, they’ll still be able to access contacts from your phonebook. All of them.

I guess it would be great if the developer changed the tweak so that the Emergency Call option has the ability to call only a pre-selected number (that you can select from the tweak’s settings or something). That would make more sense from a security standpoint although it will still leave a few “poke-able” areas.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for something of this sort, Exigency might be a good tweak. After all, you don’t want to get locked out of your iPhone in an emergency. Or, you don’t want to just call 911.

Exigency is available for free on the ModMyi repo.

Video: Exigency Cydia Tweak