It's really amazing how useful the iPhone is when you travel with it. A lot of apps have been designed to help people who are “on the go” get information about routes, make travel plans, book tickets easily, find good places to eat in a new place and much more.

One look at the App Store and you'll probably find thousands of apps that'd come in handy when you go on a tour. Even on a short trip features like the offline maps turn out to be really and totally useful.

So what would be a really exhaustive list of essential iPhone travel apps? That's what we set out to find. It wasn't tough but it sure turned out pretty interesting.

Essential iPhone Travel Apps

Here are the type of iPhone travel apps you'll definitely need when you go on tour next time.

  • Offline Maps
  • Wifi Locators
  • Reviews
  • Planners
  • Chat/Calls
  • Currecy Converters

Offline Maps
Quite naturally, this is on the top of our list because most people have to turn off their 3G/GPRS when they travel abroad. Roaming charges are high enough and when you're not online, accessing Maps becomes a bit of a problem (unless you're connected to WiFi or an international roaming plan).

Offline Maps are cool because you can access them anytime from anywhere without needing a connection. That comes in really handy when you are abroad, trying to locate a place but need it without connecting to the network.

And there are plenty of offline maps app on the iTunes App Store.


WiFi Locators
Nothing beats having a cool Wi-Fi finder which can help you connect to nearby Wi-Fi sources, free and paid. This is something really cool because most of the time you are at some place, there's going to be Wi-Fi nearby. And having some of that for yourself would be really great to check emails, reply, check social networking sites and update your friends about the martini you're drinking right now.


Review Apps: Restaurants, Places, etc.
Reading first-hand reviews of places you are about to visit and getting a lot of suggestions is something really good when you are visiting places around the globe. What if you add personal suggestions from people who have been there?

Top it with some advice on discounts and coupons and other cost-saving options on travel, stay and food?

There are apps like TripAdvisor that get all of this done in a smooth way.


We've already covered a bit on some of the most interesting travel planning apps which take care of your itineraries. Travel planner apps like TripIt are useful in keeping track of all your flight bookings, schedules, hotel reservations and more. Several apps have added benefits of taking care of rentals you've booked too.

Take a look at our post on the best travel planning apps for the iPhone.

Being able to stay in touch with your friends and family is important especially when you are away from them. With apps like Skype, you can make cheaper international calls when you have Skype Credit. There are also apps like Whatsapp and Viber that help you connect through network (preferably WiFi).


Currency Converters:
Spending money? Well, of course.
Having a handy currency converter can help you convert the local expenditure into your own currency so it becomes easier to actually gauge the expenses you're doing abroad. A lot of handy currency converters exist and some are updated constantly (when you are connected to a network).