Essential iPhone 6 Plus Accessories in 2020

Apple took a huge leap forward by launching the iPhone 6 Plus because the previous version, iPhone 5s, is already an advanced smartphone. But, Apple stepped it up with a larger 5.5″ 1080p LCD screen and camera with optical image stabilization.

Apart from these enhancements, the iPhone 6 Plus has loads of other advantageous features to it. Complementing the multifunctional aspects of the phone, there is an ever-increasing list of accessories for iPhone 6 Plus in the market.

There are accessories that specifically help to guard the device against perils due to dust, scratches & drops and there are those accessories that enhance its functionalities. As a result, choosing the essential accessories for your iPhone 6 Plus becomes vital. By choosing the ones mentioned below you can get the most out of the features and functions of the phone.

Essential iPhone 6 Plus Accessories

#1. Screen Protectors

Best iPhone 6-6s Plus Glass Screen Protectors

It is not amusing when you notice even a slight scratch on your phone’s screen. Especially, when you have paid an exorbitant cost for your phone, it is safe to keep it protected. You can keep the iPhone 6 Plus’s screen pristine by installing screen protectors.

These protectors are available in various types. They offer the required shielding to your iPhone’s delicate screen. Make sure to buy a screen protector that is durable and offers the best possible protection. Do not end up buying sheets that are made of insubstantial materials. Having a screen protector not only helps safeguard your phone’s display but also maintains its value while re-selling it.

Take a look at the best screen protectors for iPhone 6 Plus and tempered glass screen protectors.

#2. Protective Cases

There are diverse types of protective cases for iPhone 6 Plus and it is difficult to point out the best type among the lot. There are enough choices to suit your individual styles and preferences.

Some may like a rugged and robust case while some may prefer a minimalistic case. But, you need to know that each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. The robust cases can keep your phone safe even on a battlefield but are bulky. Whereas, the minimalistic cases are designed mainly to offer some grip to the phone as it can fall due to slippery design. Some of these cases come with a belt holster and a kickstand.

There are a few advanced cases too that can be multi-purpose. All these cases provide style, protection and value addition to the iPhone 6 Plus.

#3. Bumper Cases

Best iPhone 6 Plus Bumper CasesBeing a stylish and expensive product, you may like to flaunt your iPhone 6 Plus uncovered. But, given its large display, it is all the more vulnerable to a fall, especially when you hold it in a single hand without a case.

Also, the screen protectors can only keep your phone from getting scratches, but not from shocks or drops. So, in such situations, bumper cases are a great option. These cases protect your phone effectively on the edges and are not bulky as well. They fit your phone perfectly and are slim enough to easily slide into your pockets.

Check out best iPhone 6 Plus bumper cases

#4. Earphones/Headphones

Whether you are commuting, enjoying your workout, relaxing at home listening to music, or listening to podcasts, a good pair of headphones or earphones is always valuable.

Apple’s stock earphones that come with iPhone 6 Plus are excellent, but they are not on par with the best third-party brands in the category. Hence, keep the default Apple’s earphones as a backup and opt for a high-end wired or Bluetooth earphones, for instance, Bose. They are expensive, but for serious music lovers and people who want their audio to be flawless, these high-end earphones are worth every penny.

These headphones deliver amazing sound and fit comfortably. There are specially designed earphones for runners and athletes providing great functionality.

Take a look at best iPhone 6 plus earphones

#5. Car Chargers

Best iPhone 7-7 Plus Car ChargersThe iPhone 6 Plus offers pretty good battery life. But, if you are going to use it non-stop, then naturally the battery will drain. Particularly, if you travel often, then a car charger can keep your iPhone 6 Plus prepared wherever you go.

While driving you mainly need your phone to check directions. During that time your phone’s low battery signal is least desirable. The car chargers for the iPhone 5/5s and iPad that consists of the lightning cable are compatible with 6 Plus too.

Choose best car charger for your iPhone 6 plus from here

#6. Wireless Headsets

Given the huge size of iPhone 6 Plus, you would find it tad easy to answer calls using headphones. However, the biggest downside of headphones is the wire which can be intrusive and even annoying when it gets knotted.

Wireless headphones or Bluetooth headsets offer a perfect solution to this. They are not only a practical solution but come well within the budget. They are very much useful when driving, as you can safely go hands-free and answer calls.

There are many earphones for sportspersons that have Bluetooth compatibility along with other useful options.

Explore best iPhone 6 Plus wireless headsets

#7. Docking Stations

Best iPhone 6-6s Plus Docking Stations with Speakers

Docks are easily one of the most used accessories for iPhone 6 Plus, as at least once in a day you need to charge your phone. There are many types of third-party docks with stunning designs for the latest iPhone device.

Docking stations are an efficient way of keeping your working space tidy. Additionally, a lot of docking stations offer audio output as well. You can connect your stereo to it and play directly from your iPhone.

There are many technically advanced docking stations for iPhone 6 plus, hence while choosing the one you must be aware of all the specifications.

Find best docking stations for iPhone 6 Plus

#8. Waterproof Cases

Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone 6 PlusUnlike rival phones like the Sony Xperia Z3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, the iPhone 6 Plus is not waterproof. Consequently, cases that have extra waterproof resistance are ideal for iPhone 6 Plus.

While some of the renowned brands in the iPhone case industry have not yet released waterproof cases, there are many smaller brands that have launched waterproof cases.

These cases are a truly solid option to protect your investment. Also, unlike the typical iPhone cases, the waterproof cases offer an all-protection to your iPhone, making it waterproof, shock-proof, dustproof and scratch-resistant.

Select best waterproof case for iPhone 6 Plus from here

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