Essential Accessories For iPhone 6 in 2020

An iPhone certainly increases your productivity and owning one almost ensures that your day goes by a lot more smoothly & efficiently. While on one side you can increase your productivity with the latest smartphone offering by Apple, on the other, it also helps you have great fun. Whether you are buying an iPhone for the first time or looking to switch an older model to the latest iPhone 6, make use of its complete potential with the help of accessories that complement it.

iPhone accessories enhance your smartphone experience as well as secure it. As you spend a mini fortune on iPhone 6, it’s a wise idea to spend a little more for its accessories to improvise your initial investment.

There are plenty of accessories made by different brands for the iPhone 6. But, that does not mean you must go on a spending spree, instead look around and select ones that present you with very valid reasons. Consider the accessories mentioned below as some of the important ones to buy for your new iPhone 6.

Essential iPhone 6 Accessories

#1. Maximum Protection with a Case

Best iPhone 6-6s Cases

iPhone 6 for sure is relatively larger than many smartphones out there. Even prior to the launch of this phone, different makers of iPhone accessories started designing cases suiting its bigger size and make.

As a phone costing a lot and possessing a style that demands respect, the iPhone 6 needs a protective case that equals it in terms of quality and aesthetics. Such a top quality case can prevent the risk of damage primarily due to your iPhone dropping down or crash landing.

There is an enormous range of iPhone 6 cases in the market suiting different styles and budgets. Having said that, Apple’s stock iPhone 6 cases are nothing less than amazing. Some people may even find it a cut above other high-end iPhone 6 cases.

Find best iPhone 6 cases

#2. Protect the Edges with a Bumper Case

Best iPhone 6 Plus Bumper Cases

Designed with cutting-edge technology to go along with its immaculate style, the iPhone 6 warrants total protection from any inadvertent bumps. Full-fledged cases are heavy and protect your phone, but at the same time diminish the looks. Unlike them, the bumper cases are light and minimalist option.

They cover only a part of the phone, mainly the sides and corners, allowing you to experience the rear metal surface of the phone. With the bumper case, your iPhone 6 is ready to withstand any damage on its sides and corners. The bumper cases are a trendy way to show off your iPhone 6’s natural style.

#3. Shield the Screen with Screen Protector

According to Apple the iPhone 6 features an ion-strengthened screen. This may be appealing to you as an iPhone buyer, but it is sensible to further safeguard the screen of your iPhone 6 with screen guards or protectors. Several iPhone cases, except a few, do not ship with screen protectors.

You can consider investing in a better, higher-end screen guard for your iPhone 6. There are many forms of screen protectors starting from simple stick-on guards to high end tempered glass protectors. They not only prevent your iPhone 6’s display from scratches but also from everyday dust particles and smudges to a reasonable extent.

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#4. Amplify Your Musical Experience With Earbuds


Best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Earphones

Earbuds are more than just a useful accessory. Earphones can act as an important and affirming bond that connects you to your iPhone, hence investing in an excellent set of headphones is always worthy.

Apple’s stock earphones with iPhone 6 produce decent sound output well enough for calls, but if you are seriously into music and want something out of the ordinary then it makes sense to opt for third-party headphones.

You can even go for expensive ones as these headphones deliver much broader and brighter range of sound. There are numerous high-quality headphones suiting your needs, music tastes, earlobes, etc. All the premium headphones consist of a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and on-cable remote for controlling music.

Explore best iPhone 6 earbuds

#5. Station Your Phone Aboard a Dock

Best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Clock-Radio Docking Stations

A docking station not only charges your iPhone quickly but also provides added benefits. Apple has not yet launched its proprietary dock for the iPhone 6 hence you can opt from plenty of third-party docks in the market to park your glossy iPhone 6. Until now Apple’s stock docks for previous models have designed in a pretty simple way made of plastic.

There are a lot of docking stations available that fall under many types, designs and made of different materials. All you have to look for in a dock while buying is its looks, its ease-of-use, and durability.

#6. Enjoy Extra Battery Life with a Battery Case

Best iPhone 6 Battery Cases

iPhones are becoming slimmer, larger and powerful with their recent iterations, but still, they struggle to offer ample battery life. The iPhone 6’s battery life is surely good, but not extraordinary considering the phone’s other potential functionalities. Hence, the need for a battery case – a case with a built-in battery, becomes paramount.

It is particularly made for heavy users of the iPhone, who may not find the phone’s default battery life sufficient. The battery cases are extremely effective; the exception being that you may find the phone bulkier with this case. Since this is a growing market, you may not find many options in the market, as making them is not as simple as generic protective cases.

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#7. Make Your Phone Spill-free & Splash-free With a Waterproof Case

Best iPhone 6 Waterproof Cases So Far

A majority of smartphones gets water damage and iPhone 6 is no exception. A lot of things can happen accidentally that may end up exposing your phone to liquids. You cannot afford to take a risk with your iPhone 6 and therefore opting for water-resistant or waterproof cases makes a whole lot of sense.

With the waterproof cases to protect your iPhone, you can enjoy activities like swimming, boating, skiing, etc., with your phone. These waterproof cases are well within your budgets, come in various styles & designs and provide uncompromised safety to your iPhone 6.

#8. Go Hands-Free with a Wireless Headset

Best Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

With the iPhone 6 being larger in size, some users may find it uncomfortable while holding during a call. Especially, if you are in a business involving frequent calls, then the size will matter for sure. In such cases, a wireless headset or Bluetooth headset is a perfect solution for you. You can comfortably go hands-free wearing a Bluetooth headset.

Also, you will find it very much ideal while driving. You can safely drive; simultaneously take your calls hands-free using this accessory. You can charge your phone at the same time while you charge the headset with a 2-in-1 cable.

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