iPhone 5s Important Accessories

The iPhone 5s releases in about four days (on 20th September). While the early birds would certainly be gearing up to get their hands on the Cupertino gadget, it comes without saying that one would also need to look for iPhone 5s accessories.¬†Cases, docks, earphones, lightning cables… we’ve got a list of some of the most essential iPhone 5s accessories here.

1. iPhone 5s Cases

iPhone 5s Cases

Apple’s incremental upgrade – while having drawn a ton of flak from envious people all around the globe – has one huge benefit: most of the iPhone 5 cases are going to be compatible with iPhone 5s. Apple’s very own set of iPhone 5s cases are good to go at $29 apiece. But there are also other cases that you can buy for the iPhone 5s.

The other type of iPhone 5s cases – like the bumper cases that will protect your iPhone from bumps.

2. Screen Protectors

iPhone 5s Screen Protectors

This is perhaps the most important accessory of all. We wrote a long back that the screen guard is the first-line of defense for the iPhone. If you’re getting an iPhone 5s this week, the first thing you’re going to do is apply a high-quality screen guard to it. There are a lot of iPhone 5 screen protectors that fit the bill perfectly for iPhone 5s too.

Here’s a list of best iPhone 5s screen protectors.

3. Earpods/Earphones

Best iPhone 5s Earphones

Apple’s earpods are the perfect companions to your iPhone 5s but your options actually stretch far beyond that. Obviously, as you know, any 3.5mm earphone fits iPhone 5s. There are a bunch of amazing earphones designed for a variety of smartphones and mp3 players that play well with the iPhone 5s.

4. Docking Stations

iPhone 5s Docking Stations

Apple actually silently released a new dock for the iPhone 5s/5c (which fits the iPhone 5). You can grab that for $29 here. It’s a beautiful dock that encapsulates all the simplistic minimalism of Apple’s design. Visit this page for more iPhone 5s docking stations.

For the bold, though, there are other alternatives. Any lightning dock where the iPhone 5 fits will be perfect for the iPhone 5s too.

5. iPhone 5s Battery Case

iPhone 5s Battery Cases

Battery case¬†are obviously underrated at the moment but when you get your iPhone 5s running the all-new iOS 7, you’ll be playing with it so much that often, the iPhone 5s would run out of battery quickly. Juice packs can help you keep your iPhone 5s going for longer than what Apple promises.

Obviously, not everyone needs a juice pack but for those who’re backpacking with their brand new iPhone 5s, battery cases are must-haves. There are lot of iPhone juice packs to choose from.

Essential iPhone 5s Accessories

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Essential iPhone 5s Accessories
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