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Can this get crazier? In a curiously interesting way, I don't think this can be beaten. An iPhone 5 case that has an equalizer on its back that goes perfectly live on audio input from the environment is not something you see often.

But that's precisely what Strapya's Equalizer iPhone 5 Hard Case is.

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If you've seen (and used) equalizers, you know how interesting they are. Now think of an old-retro equalizer with green and red lights on the bars, something very typical of what you'll find on analog mixers. If this thing is on the back of your iPhone case and fluctuates when there's sound (from anywhere), how quirky and awesome would it look?

The Strapya Equalizer iPhone 5 Hard case brings that quirkiness to your iPhone 5.

Equalizer iPhone 5 Case

If you're looking to make your iPhone 5 case stand out from the crowd (you can almost bet that none of your friends would be having this), the Equalizer case might be something you should check out.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+
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  • Polycarbonate case: so it's lightweight but sturdy at the same time. It apparently looks like the folks at Strapy haven't sacrificed the overall protective nature of the case in trying to fit the equalizer on the back of the case.
  • Controllable Equalizer switch so you can turn it off when you want to save the batteries.
  • About 1.5cm thickness. Not very thin but not uncomfortably bulky either. (this is not the case if you're looking for a fancy case that's thin)
  • Would look magnificent in a dark room.


  • The sensor is built externally which is going to be quite uncomfortable for most users. Unless you really want your iPhone 5 case to be enormously quirky, this case would seem a little awkward and odd.

Price: $32.00
Ships from Japan. It's on pre-order right now and is planned to launch around April 15, 2013.

Click here to pre-order the case.

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