Encased Wireless Headphones for iPhone Xs Max and XR

Check out the Encased wireless headphones and lightning earphones for iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR . These headphones are highly appreciated by users from different walks of life.
Encased Bluetooth and Lightning Headphones for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

Encased: it creates a picture of that heavy-duty case for smartphones. The brand is primarily associated with protective cases for iPhones and Android phones. Its foray into Bluetooth headphones and earphones certainly causes a ripple of interest and surprise among users, who have always recognized Encased as a leading case maker for iPhones and other Android phones.

My primary motive of writing this review is to appreciate Encased’s efforts and guts to plough this hitherto uncharted soil by the brand. However, my observations are, by no means, partial. Wireless headphones and lightning to USB earphones are launched under the name of THORE. I am pretty sure that Encased will master the art of crafting headphones and earphones like protective cases.

Encased Thore Bluetooth Headphones: Powerful and Travel-friendly

Robust Headphones

Encased THORE Bluetooth Heaphones for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

Encased probably has not come out of its image of a maker of robust products. The wireless headphones are sturdy inbuilt and boast powerful battery life. You can enjoy music for sixteen hours once you charge its battery to the full.


Encased THORE Travel Friendly Bluetooth Heaphones for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

The travel-friendly design makes all the difference for globetrotters. Carry your music wherever you go! The collapsible headphones can be curled up inside its package, and you can store it in your travel bag.

Direct iPhone Connectivity

One of the glaring features is Direct iPhone Connectivity. This feature enables you to connect your iPhone without entering any code or pressing any button. I have noticed that some Android devices need a pairing code to enter.

Three-way Music Listening

3 Ways to Connect THORE Headphones with iPhone

I am impressed by three ways of listening to music or talking to your contacts. And I can pair my iPhone via Bluetooth; I can use lightning to USB cable; I have got the third option of using Aux cable. If you wonder how Aux cable allows me to talk, look at that controller on the cable. You can take calls by using a small button on that controller.

Music lovers might expect something more

The wireless headphones with over-the-head design have always impressed music lovers. But the design alone does not attract them. The headphones have to deliver excellent sound quality.

I connected Thore Bluetooth headphones to my iPhone and Mac. The experience was the same. Next, I employed three different ways to listen to music: via Bluetooth, Aux cable, and lightning to USB cable. I think Encased needs to improve sound quality so that the headphones do not send out distorted sound when users turn up the volume on devices.

My other observation is related to a practical problem of ear pain. But this can be sorted out with proper adjustment of muffins over the ears. If you have not adjusted them, the headphones might give you a little pain in ears.

Are the headphones for fitness enthusiasts?

Let’s hope Encased launch Thore 2.0 with sweatproof or waterproof feature. After rigorous exercise at the gym or outdoors, the muffins become wet, and this may cause skin irritation over time.

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Thore V100 Lightning Earphone: Saviour Sibling of Bluetooth Headphones

Encased Thore Lightning Earphones for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR

People’s habit of using Bluetooth devices has pushed lightning earphones on the back burner. But one has to pay close attention when there is a product that sets itself apart from ordinary headsets. Encased has done just the job by crafting Thore lightning to USB earphone for your iPhones.

For music lovers, the MFi certified earphones are perfect companions. The earbuds with lightning connector score higher than Thore’s Bluetooth headphones mentioned above. I think Encased has released this lightning to USB earphone as savior sibling of its Bluetooth headphones.

In-ear Buds

A notable feature in this pair of earphones is in-ear buds, which stick in your ears. This will reduce external noise, and you can enjoy your favorite music. The fitness freaks would like to wear the earphones during their workout sessions. Make sure you wipe the buds dry after your fitness regimen as Thore doesn’t promise sweatproof quality.

Rich Bass

HD sound quality is another significant feature of these earphones. Each pair is RVRB-8 digitally tuned to deliver powerful and accurate sound. The rich bass has a clear and robust effect as it provides full-range frequency response.


Encased Thore Lightning Earphones for iPhone
Connector Encased Thore Lightning Earphones for iPhone
Controls Encased Thore Lightning Earphones for iPhone

This pair of lightning earphones looks fragile, but it displays great strength when you use it every day. Whether you are running or walking, you can rely on Thore’s high-quality material, which makes these earphones flexible.

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That’s all friends!

Summing up…

Encased has made a sincere effort to enter the world of Bluetooth headphones. Both products can win the hearts of customers over time. For Bluetooth headphones, Encased needs to display more maturity and elegance. Though the physical features can convince any user, the sound quality can make one think twice before hitting the buy button.

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