Imagine this: you have to switch your iPhone to the silent mode and there can't be any vibration alert either. How do you, then, know if there's a call coming in or if someone messaged you?

Kind of tough without the vibration mode, right? Well, actually, it ain't.

Accessibility features in the iPhone make it an easy thing with the LED flash alert. The LED flash light on the iPhone is quite powerful (and sometimes enormously so, if you're staring right at it). By configuring this accessibility setting, you can actually let your iPhone go into stealth mode – no volume, no vibration – but still know if there's a call or a message.

This feature can be helpful – very much – in situations where you can't let the iPhone be in the vibrate mode too. Just put your iPhone face-down and when there's call coming in (or text), the LED flashlight will indicate it with three quick, sharp flashes.

Here's how to enable LED flash light alerts for texts and calls on iPhone:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Tap on General

General Settings on iPhone

Step 3: Scroll down the line to find “Accessibility” and tap it

Accessibility Settings on iPhone

Step 4: Now, scroll down again and you'll find the “LED Flash for Alerts” toggle

LED Flash for Alerts for Text and Calls on iPhone

Step 5: Switch this ON

That's about it.

Check out below video in order to know how to enable LED Flash alerts:

Now, every time you get a message or a call, you'll be notified of it with a sharp burst of lighting from the flashlight.

An interesting thing to notice, however, is that you'll have to keep your iPhone face-down so you can see the flashlight. By default, the home-screen lights up every time there's a notification or a call alert but then, that's easily missed.

I found this feature quite useful because often, I can't let the iPhone be on vibrate mode either (besides silencing the sounds) because the vibration motor is just too powerful.

  • iPhone User

    I did the same exact thing but it didn’t work at all… Not for texts, not for calls nothing… Could you please tell me what I need to do, if there is something else I can do… :(

    • ady

      me too! turn on the flash alert but still no flash

  • Denise Tomlinson

    i have new iphone I tried this method, The light will flash when I get a CALL, but not when I get a TEXT message. please help what am i doing wrong??

    • SarahR

      You have to reboot your phone (totally power down then back on) for accessabitily changes to take affect

      • Aurelie Freespirit

        Actually, it needs to be on lock to function. So if you are using your phone, it won’t light up