How to Enable or Disable iCloud Photo Sharing on iPhone

One of the best aspects of the iPhone and iPad devices is their seamless integration with the web. This aspect is best typified by Apple’s iCloud service. Along with storage, the iCloud service also includes iCloud Photo Sharing that allows you to build Photo Streams, which you can share with anyone you’d like.

Now, some of you may enjoy this photo sharing feature while others among you may feel it to be somewhat privacy intrusive. Hence, it’s recommended that you understand how to quickly enable or disable iCloud Photo Sharing on your iOS device using simple steps.

This sharing works both ways by letting other users invite you to their shared Photo Streams. Once you switch on iCloud Photo Sharing, others will be able to invite you to another stream. If you are not getting any invites to Photo Streams then it’s essential to turn on this sharing feature.

The people to whom you send invites to will also have to keep their iCloud Photo Sharing enabled. Like with any iOS process, a few taps are enough to get your iCloud Photo Sharing enabled or disabled without hitches.

How to Turn iCloud Photo Sharing ON or OFF on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 8

Step #1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Open Settings on iPhone

Step #2. Scroll down and touch the Photos & Camera option.

Photos and Camera Setting in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

Step #3. Find the iCloud Photo Sharing option and tap on Toggle to turn on or off.

iCloud Photo Sharing in iOS 8 on iPhone

Step #4. Launch the Photos app. The Shared tab should now be present in the center of the bottom navigation.

Shared Tab in iOS 8 on iPhone Photos & Camera

Step #5. You can also use an alternate way to achieve the above by launching the Settings → iCloud option and then scrolling down to Tap on photos option to enable or disable iCloud photo sharing. Either method will take you to the same final screen.

iCloud Photo Sharing Option in iOS 8Enable or Disable iCloud Photo Sharing in iOS 8

That’s it folks!

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How to Enable or Disable iCloud Photo Sharing on iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

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How to Enable or Disable iCloud Photo Sharing on iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad
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