In iOS 6, ringtones stored in the /Library/Ringtones folder were shown as a list in the Settings and you could pick them. This behavior changes in iOS 7 so you can no longer download a ringtone from a third-party source and use it via Settings.

ToneEnabler is a Cydia tweak that re-enables the old behavior so your iOS 7 will recognize and list any ringtone you download from the web/via Cydia.

Most of us need custom ringtones. For our calls, for message alerts, for alarm clocks: custom ringtones are sometimes absolutely necessary. Apple lets you make ringtones out of your iTunes music. We have quite a bunch of posts on making ringtones using iTunes or Garageband.

ToneEnabler Cydia Tweak Enable Custom Ringtones on iOS 7 from Settings

But if you’re downloading ringtones from a third-party source and saving them on your iPhone the usual way, iOS 7 will not read these files. That is, ringtones downloaded directly will not work.

This unusual behavior is because iOS 7 no longer reads files from /Library/Ringtones – instead, chooses to go over a .plist file. And there’s one way to override this behavior and get back iOS 6’s functionality in iOS 7. Use ToneEnabler.

This tweak has absolutely nothing to configure. You install it and it takes care of the rest. It comes from the same developer that built UnlimTones – which is a tweak/app that lets you create unlimited custom ringtones either from your own playlist or download ringtones from a variety of sources. ToneEnabler will force iOS 7 to iterate through the ringtones folder and list the downloaded custom ringtones in the Settings → Sound.

ToneEnabler is a free tweak available on the BigBoss repo. It works on iPads and iPhones but support for A7-devices (iPhone 5s/iPad Air) is not yet on the charts so those devices have to wait.

Just look for ToneEnabler from Cydia’s Search menu and install it.

  • Paul soto

    Any word on support for iphone5s yet?

    • No word on it. But the update says it supports iOS 7.1 so there might be
      a chance that it works for A7 devices too. You can try -and if it
      doesn’t work, it’s not going to break anything and you can remove it.

  • Jaco Jana Vd Merwe

    There seems to be a but with the SMS side of this fix, the ams ringtones does not play sound only vibrate if you select the vibrate option with the custom ringtone.