It’s strange and surprising how stabilizing a video adds some really cool levels of professionalism to it. When you record a video on the iPhone or iPad, there’s a lot of inherent ‘shake’ because our hands are not stable like those high-end stabilizing gadgets professional cinematographers use.

But there was this app called Movie Stiller which did some remarkable job of stabilizing videos. In its recent incarnation as version 2, the name’s changed to Emulsio and the app comes with even better functionality and more features. Here’s a look.

Emulsio iPhone App Review

Emulsio is probably the easiest way to remove camera shake from your videos. The best part about the app (well, some might dispute it) is that it can handle any video you throw at it. It’s not the case that you have to record a video within the app. Actually, Emulsio works its magic on any H.264 or comparable video from anywhere. Feed the video to the app and it will show you a professional output that removes camera shake.

Stabilize Videos on iPhone with Emulsio App

There are apps that do process camera shake. There are softwares that do it well too. But one big problem I know of is that you select the video, the app processes it and then renders the output. You have absolutely no control or no preview option that is worth its value. Emulsio makes it possible to preview – frame by frame – the output so that you can actually tweak the parameters to get the optimal processing.

Stabilize iPad Videos To Make them Look Professional

Emulsio lets you compare videos side by side, every frame of it, so that you can go into the little details that matter. Naturally, the precision is quite a thing to be proud of for the developers. And it’s a huge benefit if you want to make the video thoroughly professional.

Remove Camera Shake from Your iPhone & iPad Videos With Emulsio App

Emulsio promises faster processing, the ability to export/share the video to almost any service (like Facebook, Dropbox, etc.) and a compatibility that spans across all iOS 7-compatible devices. Couple that with the ability to undo a lot of steps (almost all video processing is non-destructive so you can get back to the original video easily), and you get a killer app.

Emulsio is now free with no video limitations except that you can only process 10 second videos. (all your Instagram Videos and Vine videos are going to look better). For the PRO pack, you have to purchase an in-app ($1.99).

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