Accentify got a lot of traction and almost every blog is covering that. It’s a $0.99 tweak that lets you change the default color scheme of the iOS interface. While it’s a nice tweak that adds a bit of personalization to your iOS, I wouldn’t spend 99cents for a theme as simple as that.

And so when Ryan comes out with Emphasize, a Cydia tweak that does pretty much the same thing as Accentify, we’ve got to get that. We did. It’s wonderful.

Emphasize is a little Cydia tweak that allows you to change the default color scheme of your iOS theme. In iOS 6, we’ve got an app-based color scheme changing feature (which Apple developed). However, you can change the scheme using tweaks. Accentify is one such tweak which lets you do a lot of customizations.

Emphasize Cydia Tweak

Emphasize does pretty much the same thing. It lets you set a plethora of color schemes for the iOS bars. These can be tweaked on a per-app basis or as a general setting too. If you’ve got a lot of apps, you’re going to be tired setting the theme for every app but of course you can skip this and set a general color scheme for all apps.

Accentify scores at this point. It has a few more options for customization and also is set to get updates like random color scheme etc. Ryan (who developed Emphasize) hasn’t indicated any such updates but the free tweak is awesome as it is.

Emphasize comes with 16 color schemes including the iOS standard. The theme works just fine with any iPhone. The theme isn’t available on any public repo yet (ModMyi, BigBoss etc.) but you can grab it from Ryan’s personal repo.

Here’s how to get Emphasize:

  • Open Cydia
  • Go to Manage → Sources → Edit → Add and add this repo:
  • Look for Emphasize in Cydia’s search. Or just tap on Ryan Petrich’s repo and install Emphasize.
  • Repsring.

Then, just head to Settings → Emphasize and apply the theme of your choice.

A quick video on how to use Emphasize Cydia Tweak: