Elfxpedition is an augmented reality game for children that lets them catch Christmas elves. And it’s much more than that (we’ll get to that in a minute) but right now, it looks like one of the best Christmas apps that needs your support.

Catching elves is fun. But how do you make it so much more exciting on the iPhone? That’s precisely what Elfxpedition sets out to do: it adds augmented reality so your kids will be able to find and catch elves in their bedrooms, on the lawn and everywhere around the house.

Eflxpedition Game for iPhone and iPad

The thing about Elfxpedition is that there’s no other app of this sort on the App Store (at least, not yet). It combines the power of iPhone’s camera and the app’s intelligence to put an elf-catching-machine in the hands of your kid. Your kid scans the room for elves flying around and once an elf is locked into the green circle, he/she taps it and the elf is captured!

Eflxpedition for iPhone Game

Captured elfs are not just points to accumulate but they unlock more games and activities within the app and that’s one of the coolest things about Elfxpedition that attracted us to the project. Elves also help your kid be responsible by asking questions like “have you put your toys away?”. You can even configure the questions and add your own.

Now wait for the biggest feature in Elfxpedition: There’s a total of 105 games and activities in this app. Here’s a gist:

  • 20 Coloring pages
  • 20 Mazes
  • 20 Spot the differences
  • 20 Cool recipes
  • 5 Matching Games
  • 20 Puzzles

All of it gets unlocked gradually as you catch more elves. The matching games and puzzles are playable on the app while the rest of the stuff can be printed (via email).

Eflxpedition for iPhone Game for ChristmasEflxpedition for iPhone Christmas Game

There are also 12 “all-star” elves which reveal their stories to your kid as they get captured.

The app sounds very fascinating and by the first looks of it, Eflxpedition sounds just crazy enough to be a hot favorite of your kid.

Price: Free
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