EcoWake Review: Alarm App for iPhone and Android

EcoWake is a unique alarm app for iPhone and Android that plants trees in your name when you wake up on time. Read the review to know more.
EcoWake Alarm Clock App for iPhone and Android

Around a year back, I stumbled upon the Ecosia search engine that plants trees when you use it. I found the concept fascinating, and even till day, I frequently use it. This week I came across EcoWake app, which is an alarm clock app for your smartphone.

But there is an exciting promise here. EcoWake, as evident from its beautiful name, plants trees in your name when you wake up on time!

Now for this app, you can use words like different, mindblowing, nature-friendly, or simply a big WHAT!! I, too, had this sort of excitement when I came to know about it. So, let me tell you more about this greener and kinder alarm app and let us do something great for the world we enjoy in.

EcoWake Review: Tree Planting Alarm App for iPhone and Android

App Design

Once you download, set up, and launch EcoWake on your smartphone, the app greets you with a pleasant screen that shows the current time, a revolving globe, and the number of trees planted by EcoWake Users. Below that is the number of trees planted by you.

The bottom row has four menus organized neatly. You have your Home, Alarm, Eco Function, and Account. The ability to choose from a list of questions that you will be asked in the morning is an attractive addition. You also have the option to set your question.

Open EcoWake App and Set Questions on iPhone

Overall I find the app to be extremely well planned and clean. The dark background looks suitable and comfortable on the eyes.

EcoWake’s Smart Alarm

Setting alarm inside EcoWake is straightforward. You tap on Alarm and then hit the plus icon to set the values. Finally, when you are about to keep your phone aside and sleep, tap the Activate Alarm button. The app has no learning curve. It just works.

You can choose from the list of unique sounds. My favorites are Om Gam and Santur. The app also lets you turn vibration on or off. Similarly, you can change the label from Alarm to something else. I have set it to Office.

Set Alarm in EcoWake iPhone App

What EcoWake Does

The idea is really simple yet unique. You set the alarm inside this green alarm clock and rise on time to the app’s gentle, refreshing sounds. Next, you answer the daily question (that you can change or set in Account Settings) and receive virtual seeds.

The EcoWake team takes these seeds, and they through partnerships with tree-planting organizations around the world, plant actual trees on earth in your name. However, if you ignore, snooze or go back to sleep, you lose the seeds. Good one!

Wake Up on Time and Plant Trees with EcoWake iOS App

Build Your Green Virtual Forest with EcoWake

As you keep using the app and wake up on time to earn seeds and plant trees, you will see your virtual forest sprouting from barren land. Such visual representations work as motivation and push you to wake up every day on time so that your forest becomes greener. I told you in the beginning that the app is thoughtfully made!

Build Virtual Green Forest with EcoWake App

With the premium version, you can plant up to 10 trees a month. This number is comfortably above the number of trees you need to plant to offset your monthly carbon footprint. So, this app motivates you to wake up on time and also works to neutralize (or positivize) your carbon footprint. Nobel, isn’t it?


Overall I find the EcoWake app to be a generous idea. It is properly designed, and you can also use the pleasant alarm screen as an excellent clock nightstand. The buttons and pieces of information shown are minimal, clean, and lovely to look at. The idea behind the app is kind, and I believe you should try it out.

The monthly premium version costs as little as a cup of coffee, but it does much more than that. So, if you are looking to make your mornings purposeful and start your day with a good deed, then make EcoWake your companion. You both (and the world because of your thoughtfulness) will go a long way.

Planting trees is one of the most efficient ways that we, as an individual, can do to combat climate change. With EcoWake, your everyday, regular activity like waking up on time can make a change and start saving the world!


You can download the app for free on your iOS or Android devices. However, if you go for free iOS app, you can only plant one tree a month. With a premium of $5, you can plant up to 10 trees a month and claim a personal virtual forest.

For Android users, the app is available at no cost. But in-app purchases are available at a premium of $0.99.

Download from App Store | Download from Play Store

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