iPad Multitasking

Beyond the usual tricks​

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About this book

Ever wished you had more than two hands and one brain to handle all the tasks on your plate. While we can’t grant that wish, we can surely help you learn to multitask on an iPad.

Updated with all the new iPadOS 16 features from Stage Manager to collaboration, this eBook has got it all. So, you can view and use multiple apps simultaneously, interact with/between them seamlessly, and do more without the need for extra hands or brain capacity.

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iPad user – New, intermediate, pros

Anyone and everyone who wants to multitask on an iPad

Curious souls who want to know the true potential of their iPad

What you will learn in this book?

Every tiny little detail around multitasking. Not just the usual shazam, but all the ins and outs of iPad multitasking, from running multiple apps and hacks to speed-up various tasks to gestures that’ll make your workflow smoother.

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iPad Multitasking: Beyond the usual tricks

Authored By

Chriswell Christian


Arshmeet Kaur Hora (Author)

Nidhi Bohra