The idea of moving multiple folders across the various homescreens on your iPhone is not new. But the way EasyIconEdit does it is definitely worth trying.

EasyIconEdit is a new Cydia tweak that makes moving a bunch of springboard icons across the pages on your homescreen. A free tweak of this sort is definitely a great plus to have on your iPhone.

To understand why it’s an exciting tweak, let’s first go through the process of organizing apps on the iPhone homescreen.

iOS does not let you move multiple icons at once. Even moving one icon across the homescreen needs a little knack. If you want to move an icon from, say, page one to page three, you need to hold the icon to the extreme right after dragging it and then drop it off when you reach page three of the homescreen.

EasyiconEdit Cydia Tweak

Not exactly a pleasant experience.

And to think that you can’t do that for multiple icons is a dud.

That’s why EasyIconEdit wins. With EasyIconEdit, all you do is:

  • Tap and hold on one icon. This makes them jiggle
  • Now, tap on all the icons that you want to move across the homescreen. A green background shows what icons have been selected
  • Now, just swipe to go to the homescreen page where you want to put these icons. You’ll notice that the selected icons stay in their place. Only the homescreen page changes
  • Tap on the icons again to drop them in the new homescreen

The only downside is you can’t create new homescreens without dropping the icons in the last available homescreen page. Also, no folders. But it’s a kickass tweak that has been designed in a kickass way. It’s the most efficient tweak I’ve ever used to move icons across.

EasyIconEdit is free on the BigBoss repo.