Meet The Smartest Personal Assistant iPhone App – EasilyDo

Someone rightly pointed out that EasilyDo is a smart personal assistant that will show you why you need a personal assistant to become productive. In fact, till I started using EasilyDo, I didn’t even know so many things could be automated, left to an app so it takes care of it much better than a human can.

That’s right. EasilyDo claims to be the smartest personal assistant app on the App Store and having seen it in action, I can vouch for that.

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If you’ve used other personal assistants, you’ll find that EasilyDo simplifies a lot of stuff and is action-oriented where it takes care of the action all by itself without you having to key in a few things occasionally. In most cases, EasilyDo almost becomes a human assistant – the technology behind the app is amazing for it does really smart if-this-then-that activities.

If you’ve never used a smart assistant before, EasilyDo will simply blow your mind away.

EasilyDo iPhone & iPad App

Smart ‘Doing’, Not Just Smart ‘Thinking’

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The kind of amazing work that EasilyDo does is hardly found elsewhere. Even if you find me another app like EasilyDo, there’s a strong chance that it’s not as usable as EasilyDo is.

EasilyDo takes over a variety of your everyday activities. There are about 40 actions that it can take care of (you can automate some of them completely). These span across:

  • Location-based actions
  • Facebook-based actions
  • Email-based
  • Calendar Events
  • Contacts
  • Reminders

EasilyDo Updated iPhone App

At its jazzy best, EasilyDo will help you remember birthdays and also go to the extent of letting you send gifts to the friend automatically. All you do is just set it up and relax. It lets you automate event reminders and can read event invites from Facebook, Google, EventBrite etc.

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EasilyDo will also make it terrifically easy to manage email-based actions: you get reservation emails or event emails or bill pay reminders or even package tracking emails, EasilyDo recognizes them all and actually converts them into useful reminders without you having to actually do stuff other than enable them.

The Facebook part of EasilyDo might sound like fun but actually, EasilyDo is much more than the social manager. For instance, EasilyDo is one of the smartest personal assistants when it comes to transit/commute. If enabled, EasilyDo will tell you how the weather is, directions to work/home, tell you how long it will take to reach your destination and text someone when you leave work/home. And do it better than the simplistic iOS 7.x Notification Center feature (Today View).

With over 30 different actions, each carrying a smart and heavy load of work, you end up saving a ton of time. EasilyDo makes sure you know that by displaying how many hours of work you’ve saved.

Many features on EasilyDo are free to try but you’ll need a $4.99 monthly subscription to get all the features unlocked.(You can also opt for a $49.99 yearly subscription).

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The bottom-line is EasilyDo clubs a lot of personal-assistant apps into one app. Instead of having multiple apps for each feature (Contacts management, Email management, Reminders etc.), EasilyDo brings everything under one roof and makes managing your day easy and streamlined. All in a familiar iOS 7-esque minimal interface.

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Jignesh Padhiyar
Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around Apple products. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting contents on social media.
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