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One of the simplest secrets about getting things done is constant motivation. If you can be motivated everyday – along with a constant monitoring of efforts you take – you guarantee the success of reaching your goals.

As a team, this is precious. But it's hard to club all these in one beautiful, inspiring way. That is precisely what the wonderful folks behind Dutyful have set out to do. And it's amazing in all its simple glory.

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Dutyful is a web app (or more specifically a service which runs perfectly on your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini as well as on all desktop and mobile platforms) which lets you work better as a team. It provides two of the most important pieces of productivity nirvana: direction and motivation.

Dutyful iPhone & iPad App

When you work as a team, you need to know who's doing what and heading where in order to make sure that the important goals and tasks are getting done. In a solo environment, this is not important. But when it's a team that's working towards a few goals, it becomes imperative that everyone is brought up to speed on what other members of the team are working on and where they are.

The tangible part of motivation is where you talk to people about your work and they, in turn, talk about theirs. In a team, the very act of letting others know what you did turns out to be an excellent way of self-introspection and motivation.

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Dutyful seamlessly clubs these two aspects in a simple, elegant and non-distractive way. Unlike other project management softwares, Dutyful does not task itself with in-depth metrics, sophisticated charts or the kind of mumbo-jumbo that actually makes project management a separate task to cater to.

Instead, Dutyful is simple: you reply to one simple email that Dutyful sends you everyday. “What did you do today?” – and the next day, you receive a digest of what others have done. That's about it: a simple email keeping everyone abreast of what everyone else is doing/getting done.

Dutyful obviously does not stop there. It's designed to let you – as the manager – view reports over daily, weekly or monthly periods to keep track of things better. Yes, there are little charts to track progress based on responses of team members.

The best thing about Dutyful is that it works on the fly without installations or stuff. And being designed responsively, it works on your iPhone, iPad and iPad mini making it one of the best things that you can grab for your team. All it takes is a simple email. Every single day.

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Check out Dutyful here.

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