Dr.Fone – Virtual Location: A Wise Solution for Fake GPS Location on iPhone

Dr.Fone Virtual Location for Mac Review

GPS has made our lives easier, from tracking routes, food deliveries, rides, loved ones to location-based AR games. Although in hindsight, there are some minus points too. For one, most apps and games limit their services to specific locations, making it difficult for certain people to access them. This is where Dr. Fone’s Virtual Location iOS comes into play.

The app transports you to a virtual location of your choice without hassle. And since it is boasting an amazing promotional discount, I believe it’s the perfect time to review it.

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location Year-End Promotion 2020

Why Should You Use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

As the software’s name suggests, the Dr.Fone – Virtual Location helps you fake the iPhone’s GPS location. So with the location changer, you can physically be at your office or home, but virtually you can be anywhere in the world.

But why would you and the device need such a superpower? There are some potential uses; let me explain those briefly before moving ahead and testing the app.

When & Why Would You Fake Your Location

While it might smell like some fishy business, there are some legit reasons for faking location on iphone.

  • Location-based games – If you are into games like Pokemon Go, the idea of catching new pokemon without leaving the house seems a boon, right!
  • Work assignments – No, not to fool your boss. GPS spoofing is useful for app developers, researchers, SEO managers, and more who perform geo-specific testing.
  • Security & Privacy – Such software can be convenient whether you want to hide or fake your location to various social media apps or a stalking-ex.
  • Show off – Check in to a country, resort, or restaurant miles away from you to trick your friends and family.

Note: Location changer might not assist you in circumventing geo-restricted websites. You will also need a good VPN to fool strict sites like Netflix, Disney+, etc.

Problems that You might Face with GPS Spoofing

Due to Apple’s strict security rules, faking locations on the iPhone can be tricky. A simple yet risky technique is jailbreak, and surely you don’t want that.

The next option is to have a thorough knowledge of Xcode and an iOS developer account, but even that’s not feasible for all. So, the last and simplest resort is to employ an app to do so.

However, a wrong app can make things worse. It could lead to permanently harming your location setting, security breach, or frequent crashes and freezes. Thankfully, there are a few dedicated apps like iSpoofer, iTools, & Dr.Fone, to help.

But what I particularly enjoy about Dr.Fone are its intuitive interface and efficient features. Dr. Fone provides multiple options for GPS spoofing; you can:

  • Teleport iPhone GPS to anywhere in the world
  • Simulate GPS movement along a route with multiple stops and speed that you feel fit
  • Make the GPS movement more flexible via a handy Joystick
  • Manage location on up to 5 devices

What’s more? You can be a newbie and still change your iPhone’s location in just one click. Let me illustrate how simple it is.

How to Fake iPhone GPS Location with Dr. Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

  1. Download & Install Dr.Fone – Virtual Location on your Mac or Windows PC.
  2. Once the set up is done, click on Virtual Location & connect your iPhone to the computer.Set up Dr.Fone then click on Virtual Location and connect iPhone to computer
  3. Select the Teleport Mode, the first icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Type the location in the search bar and hit Go.Select Teleport Mode and type location in the search bar on Mac
  5. A pin will drop on the desired place; click Move Here to confirm the location.Click Move Here to confirm the location on Dr Fone software

And that’s it! It barely took me a minute to mock the location of my iPhone. I used Find My to check my device’s location and confirm the changes. As you can see from the below screenshots, my Macbook was sitting in India, while the iPhone connected to it is roaming the Apple Park, Cupertino!

Fake iPhone GPS Location With Dr. Fone on Mac

If you want to check how the other methods work, check out these detailed guides from the developers.

How Well does Dr. Fone – Virtual Location Perform?

I will undoubtedly repeat myself in this section, Dr. Fone- Virtual Location is rapid & easy-to-use. Plus, features like simulated GPS and joystick control are the cherry on the top.

My device got stuck at a far-flung location once during multiple tests, but a quick reboot resolved the issue. I couldn’t find a fault in terms of the interface or processing. And I expect nothing less from Wondershare, the developers and the software have proven its mettle in previous reviews as well.

It is on the spectrum’s steep side in terms of price, especially if you are going for a 1-month license. But there’s a special discount running on Dr. Fone – Virtual Location till Jan 7, 2021.

Price (excluding discount):

  • Monthly License – $12.95 /month
  • Quarterly License – $8.31 /month, $24.95/Quarter
  • Yearly License – $5.82 /month, $69.95/Year

During the sales promotion period, you can get the yearly license at just $45.47


  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra),10.14 (macOS Mojave) and later
  • Windows: Win 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Download Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

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