Two years back, VLC was kicked out of the App Store by Apple for copyright violations and some such stuff. Today, it’s back again and has already won a lot of kudos.

Although there are a lot of VLC-clients for iOS already, the re-emergence of VLC for iOS is definitely a positive step towards a more native experience for watching videos and movies on your iPhone and iPad.

VLC has been one of the most popular cult-like video player for a lot of people. It’s spread throughout multiple platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. While there has been no problem for VLC on Android, the app got kicked out of the App Store two years ago when it was released for iOS.

Download VLC for iPhone and iPad

Interestingly, there are some people who still want VLC out of iOS citing copyright violations (of codecs mostly). The fact that VLC is up on the App Store is proof enough that Apple appears to be okay with the new app for iPhone and iPad.

VLC for iOS runs both on the iPhone and the iPad. The app has been completely re-written and redesigned. The decoding happens on multiple cores. VLC has one of the largest codec support on the planet.

VLC also comes with the legendary file manager. You can transfer files from your PC / Mac via iTunes. You can also transfer files through Dropbox, or through Wi-fi. You can paste direct URL links into VLC for iOS to access the videos on the web. There is AirPlay support too along with network streams, CC etc.

What we have is now a full-fledged VLC app that can very well replace the video player you are currently using.

VLC is free on the App Store.

Download VLC for iOS.