How to download tvOS 15 public beta 6 on Apple TV

How to download tvOS 15 public beta

What to know about tvOS 15 public beta

  • You’ll have to install a tvOS 15 beta profile to upgrade.
  • tvOS 15-compatible devices include Apple TV 4K (2021), the first-gen Apple TV 4K (2017), and the Apple TV 4th gen (2015).
  • Beta versions can have some pre-release bugs, so proceed with caution.

tvOS 15 will be taking on some fantastic features from SharePlay, Shared with You, Spatial audio to Apple Music integration. And if you want to try these features before the fall release, there is good news for you. Apple has seeded the tvOS 15 public beta 6, and here’s how you can download it to your Apple TV.

How to get tvOS 15 public beta 6 on Apple TV HD and 4K

But before we proceed, here’s something you should know. While beta software allows you to explore the upcoming features, it also opens the gate to potential bugs.

And if Apple TV is your primary streaming device and you rely on it for daily entertainment, staying away from public or developer beta would be a wiser option.

Although if you love experimenting with new features before your peers and won’t mind some bugs, welcome aboard. The first thing you’ll need is to enroll yourself in the Beta Software Program by Apple. Let’s learn how to do it.

Register for Apple’s Beta Software Program 

Note: If you are already enrolled for beta software testing, skip this step.

  1. Open Safari on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad and go to
  2. Then, click Sign Up to register.
  3. Enter your Apple ID and password.
  4. Now, Sign in and Accept the terms and conditions.

How to enroll for the tvOS 15 public beta 6

  1. Launch Settings on your Apple TV and click Accounts.
  2. Select iCloud, iTunes and App Store, or Game Center.
  3. Sign in with your Apple ID used for the Public Beta program.
  4. Next, click Menu from your Siri Remote, click Menu again.
  5. Select Systems and click Software Updates.
  6. Turn on Get Public Beta Updates.
  7. Click Get Public Beta Updates and Agree to the terms and conditions.

How to install the tvOS 15 public beta 6

  1. Open your Apple TV Settings.
  2. Click SystemSoftware Updates.
  3. Here, select Update Software.
  4. Finally, click Download and Install.

That’s all!

You are now privy to all the new tvOS 15 features. So tell us, how is the new version treating you? Is it too buggy or smooth sailing? I would love to know your review. Share it in the comments section below.

If you have any queries or confusion, feel free to send that across as well.

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