Apple has released OS X Yosemite public beta so that anyone can install and start using the beta version of the OS. It’s free (as will be the final release) and all you need to get started is a compatible Mac and an Apple ID.

Note that it’s beta software, which means there are a lot of documented and undocumented bugs. The purpose of releasing beta is to find and fix these bugs as well as to let initial users in on the intricacies like iCloud Library.

Download OS X Yosemite Public Beta On Mac

Download OS X Yosemite Public Beta On Your Mac: Here’s How

Step #1. Go to this page.

Step #2. Click on the Sign Up button to get started.

Get OS X Yosemite Public Beta Right Now

Step #3. Login with your Apple ID and password.

Step #4. Accept the agreement to proceed. The agreement is a NDA-type document. The basic rule is that you can’t share screenshots, post images, or reveal information that is “confidential” about OS X Yosemite (public beta) and its components.

Step #5. Next up, click on Get OS X Yosemite Beta Redemption Code.

Get OS X Yosemite Beta Redemption Code

Step #6. You will land on a page that’s a checklist of things you should make sure of before installing OS X Yosemite public beta. The 3rd point is what you’re looking for.

Step #7. Copy the Redemption Code / Note it down.

Redemption Code for OS X Yosemite Beta

Step #8. Click on Download OS X Yosemite beta. The Mac App Store will open.

Step #9. Enter the redemption code into the Redeem box and OS X Yosemite will start downloading.

One of the most crucial things you should note is about iCloud Drive. (iCloud Drive is the new feature that gets a folder-management-like interface for your iCloud documents and apps). iCloud Drive only works on iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. When you setup OS X Yosemite, you can enable iCloud Drive (optional). If you choose to enable it, iCloud Documents & Data sync will be turned off on all your devices (iPhones, iPads, Macs etc.). I’d recommend that you don’t turn this on unless you have iOS 8 beta running on your iDevice(s) at the moment.

If you run into problems with the redeem code, all you need to do is refresh the page on which you get the redemption code. (Or you can start over).


  • Backups! Don’t forget to take a complete backup of your Mac before you start with this.
  • Compatibility: Needless to say, make sure your Mac is compatible and you understand all the risks involved. The nature of beta software is to be buggy and somewhat unpredictable at times (even though the developers are doing all they can to make it perfect).