How to Save Instagram Photos and Videos to iPhone Camera Roll with Shortcuts

Most of us have wanted to save our favorite Instagram photos on iPhone at some point or the other. So far we had to take a roundabout way or use a third-party app to get it done. But that is no longer the case today!

Thanks to a super handy shortcut, you can download Instagram stories on your iPhone with ease. Moreover, this hack will also let you download the complete profile and even some of the latest pics of your adorable friend or celebrity.

Talking about InstaSave shortcut, it comes fully configured. Therefore, you don’t have to make any changes to it. Of course, you can give it the desired name and also set a nice icon for it just like any other shortcut. Enough talk, let me help you get started with this hack!

How to Download Videos and Photos from Instagram to iPhone Camera Roll with Shortcuts

Step #1. First off, download InstaSave shortcut on your device. To do so, hit the link given below and tap on Get Shortcut to add it to your library.

Tap on Get Shortcut to download InstaSave shortcut on iPhone

Step #2. Next, open Instagram on your device and head over to the photo or clip you wish to download to your photo library. Then, tap on the tiny three dots at the top right of the post and choose “Share to” in the menu.

Tap on any Photo or video you want to save from Instagram and Tap on Share to

Step #3. Next up, select Shortcuts in the share sheet.

Select Shortcuts in iPhone Share Sheet

Note: If the app is not visible, tap on More button and then turn on the switch. Make sure to tap on Done to confirm.

Step #4. Up next, tap on InstaSave shortcut to run it.

Tap on InstaSave Shortcut to Save Photo or Video from Instagram on iPhone Camera Roll

Now, wait for a few moments until it has successfully downloaded the video or the pic.

Next, you can open the Photos app to access the image you have just saved.

How to Download Instagram Stories to iPhone Camera Roll using Shortcuts

Step #1. Launch Instagram on your iOS device and head over to the profile which stories you wish to download.

Step #2. Now, tap on the three horizontal dots at the top right corner of the screen.

Open Profile you want to Instagram Stories and Tap on Manu

Note: If you want to download an individual story, tap on the one you like → hit the three dots at the bottom → Copy Highlight Link. One thing worth noting is that you can quickly access it from your feed as well.

Download individual Instagram Stories on iPhone Using Shortcuts

Step #3. Next, select Copy Profile URL in the menu.

Tap on Copy Profile URL in Instagram App

Step #4. Next up, open Shortcuts app and tap on InstaSave shortcut.

Tap on InstaSave in Shortcuts App

Step #6. Now, you should see multiple options like Stories, Stories + Highlights, HD Profile Picture, Complete Profile, The 12 Latest, etc. in the menu. You can select any option based on your need. In this test, I’m going to choose Stories. 

Tap on Stories to Save Instagram Stories on iPhone

Then, wait for some time until the app has downloaded the content.

Tip: Once the stories are being downloaded, you will see a tiny circle on the shortcut. And once the process is done, you should see a confirmation in the form of a check mark. Then after, three horizontal dots will reappear.

That’s pretty much it!

Video: Download Instagram Videos, Photos or Stories to iPhone Camera Roll

Wrapping Up…

Now that you’ve got the trick, make the most of it whenever a nice looking image or clip comes your way, and you don’t want to miss out on it.

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