In a world filled with smartphone apps, cool-looking websites and addictive mobile games, a lot of people want to be able to design and develop all these. Here’s your chance to learn app development, game development, web design and web app development in your own time, at your own pace, through over 170-hours of video courses and free resources.

The Dynamic Dev Power Bundle from Stone River ecourses is a $800+ worth package. On iGeeksBlog Deals, you can grab it for just $59 in the next few days. Go grab this bundle right now. For those who want to know more, keep reading.

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What’s this Bundle All About?

The Dynamic Dev Power Bundle is a complete package of 170 hours of video courses. It’s a bundle that gets you started on iPhone app development, Android app development, responsive web design, HTML5 web app development, Unity 3D game development and more quickly.

Why Dynamic Dev Power Bundle?

Because you don’t need to be a coder to start with. In fact, you can start producing iPhone and Android apps in a few hours time through the free resources mentioned in the bundle.

That’s right. You don’t have to be a programmer (or know any code at all) to get started. You won’t be learning the programming stuff; instead, you’ll be creating apps!

But the developer bundle doesn’t target just the non-coders. If you know something about Xcode or Eclipse or Unity 3D or Blender you will find that hundreds of lectures on these topics to help you level up. You can become a pro-level coder through these lectures that come bundled with the package.

App Development: For Both Non-coders to Xcode/Eclipse Enthusiasts

The Dynamic Dev Power bundle offers tons of app-development resources and lessons.

  • iPhone app development (no coding required)
  • Android app development (ditto)
  • 33 hours of instruction on Xcode user interface and code
  • 17 hours of instruction on Eclipse and Android development framework
  • 30 hours of videos on non-coding game development
  • Lessons on creating games with Stencyl
  • HTML5 game development courses
  • More than 23 hours of collective game-dev instruction

Game Development: Unity 3D, HTML5 and More

Video courses also include lessons on how to publish on marketplaces.

HTML5 Web Apps & Responsive Design

You’ll also learn the in-and-outs of HTML5-based web app development. Game dev is a subset of HTML5 web app dev. And to top it all off, you’ll learn all about responsive web design too. One of the frameworks that you’ll dabble with is the popular Foundation Grid (from Zurb) and the other is Bootstrap v3 (voted one of the best responsive web development frameworks by most developers).

All for a steal

The total worth of all these courses is about $800. But just for a few days, here on iGeeksBlog Deals, you can grab this bundle for $59 only.

But hurry up. It’s a limited period offer.

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More info

All the lectures are easy to follow. You will be able to take them at your own time. The Stone River community is vibrant and filled with lots of experts who’ll help you along. It’s a lifetime access so you can watch these courses anytime, anywhere. And you also get free updates.