For any successful entertainment package, second version is unavoidable. Angry Birds is no exception as Rovio Entertainment Ltd. has released its sequel of Angry Birds, who has created frenzy among kids and adults alike across the world.

People were nearly fanatic about this game as it was difficult to stop them or divert their attention once they start playing this game on their mobiles.

Rovio Has Released Angry Birds 2 on App Store

Angry Birds 2 Now Available on App Store

Now the game is in its second avatar on AppStore; it’s free to download on your iOS device. And I am sure that millions must have downloaded this second version of Angry Birds on their iPhones and iPads.

Users can see some of the key features repeated in the second version also; hurling birds with a slingshot to destroy blocks and killing green pigs are two such features that users just can’t get enough of.

Coupled with the old features, Rovio Entertainment introduced new features to attract youngsters. Users are required to pass through multiple stages of levels to complete; moreover, users need to select which bird s/he wants to launch next.

The game offers more excitement as you can throw challenge to other players; more magic spells will certainly lure kids to stick to this game. And don’t snub your nose watching number of pig bosses!

Success of Angry Birds can be gauged by its tie-ups with many Hollywood flicks; popular among a few is Star Wars titles. Download the game now and enjoy this exciting game!

Price: Free
Download Angry Birds 2

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