There’s this tweak called DoubleTap that lets you control brightness, volume and orientation lock with just a multi-touch gesture. I thought it was interesting enough to test drive and turns out, it’s one of the best things I’ve downloaded this week.

DoubleTap is a Cydia Tweak from Alan Yip, the guy behind popular Tap to Widgets and other tweaks. DoubleTap is more like a simplified version of a gesture-based Activator commands. There are three things that DoubleTap can do. More right after the break:

So here’s what DoubleTap does:

DoubleTap Cydia Tweak

  • Adjusts brightness of the screen
  • Controls the volume
  • Locks or unlocks portrait orientation

All these things are controlled by three-finger touch gestures. You can double tap with three fingers to lock the orientation or unlock it. And by tapping and swiping with three-fingers, you can either control the brightness of the screen or the volume.

As you can see from the Settings → DoubleTap section, the tweak gets enabled by default.

DoubleTap Cydia Tweak Three-finger Gestures to Control Brightness and Volume

Double tapping with three fingers on the screen will toggle orientation lock. Although this works as expected, sometimes, I found that the orientation lock was unlocked automatically without any trigger. I don’t know if this is a bug but let’s hope this problem is not widespread or fixed in the next update.

The swipe action defines what happens when you swipe with three fingers. You can either control the brightness or the volume (or select None to disable it completely). I’ve set it for Brightness so I can control the brightness (increase / decrease) just by swiping on the screen. Needless to say, this is far better than having to get to the Notification Center and then using SBSettings / NCSettings toggle.

DoubleTap can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo for free.