Nothing comes close to the experience of listening to your favorite tracks / albums on a high-quality speaker. When most of those tracks are on your iPhone, you need something like a Bluetooth speaker. We've got just the thing on today's deals.

Double Spot from Soundfreaq is a high-quality, high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker. It's a mid-sized, portable, wireless speaker that gets you a fantastic sound experience in a variety of ambiance. On iGB Deals, you can grab the Double Spot for just $112 (typically $130-$150). Click here to get the Double Spot right now or read on to find out more about the speaker.

Soundfreaq Double Spot iPhone Speaker

The Double Spot is a portable speaker that fits in a lot of places. You can let it blare in your living room, have it play soulful music in your office or kitchen or use it for those parties! With a six-hour battery backup, you can take it wherever you want to go – including a weekend camp, or just out on the deck.


  • Bluetooth compatible
  • 5mm Line-in
  • USB charging + AC charging
  • 6 hours of playback
  • dual speaker system for enhanced surround sound
  • three EQ tones (flat, warm, bright)
  • UQ3 sound enhancement
  • lightweight and easily portable
  • touch controls on the device

Three EQ Tones
Double Spot doesn’t complicate things with highly-customizable EQ options but you do get three tones to pick from: flat, warm and bright.

Line-in, USB Charging and AC-free
While you can connect the Double Spot to an AC-out, you can also charge it via USB. And there's 3.5mm Line-in so you don’t have to use Bluetooth and eat up the battery faster. There are quite a lot of lightning-to-aux cables you can pick from.

The Double Spot, mid-sized though it is, is lightweight at just about 2.1lbs. There are also capacitive touch controls over the box so you can control playback on your iPhone.

Grab it now
If you are an audiophile who relishes a really good audio experience, Double Spot should be a great choice.

What better time to grab it than now when you can get a 25% off. Click here to buy the new Double Spot from Soundfreaq for $112.

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