DoctorUnlock iCloud and iPhone Unlocking Service Review: Service that Actually Works!

Searching for a reliable service provider to unlock your iPhone or iCloud account? Go for DoctorUnlock, if you need more details, check out this post.

You might have bought a new iPhone from the Apple Store, but many people buy a used phone from online sellers or a local dealer. Most of the used phone buyer faces a problem, and that is, their iPhone is locked, and they can do nothing about it.

The only option is to contact the seller to unlock it. If the seller is really genuine, he might help, else you’ll end up with a dead iPhone in your hands. If you have been a victim, then you would have probably searched the entire Google database looking for a way to unlock your iPhone.

Disclaimer: There is much negative feedback about And we took it very seriously. Hence, we talked with the service provider and they claimed that their service is 100% genuine. Negative marketing is done by its competitors. So, we investigated the issue further and found it genuine. However, we request you to go ahead at your own risk. We at iGeeksBlog are not responsible in any manner.

DoctorUnlock Review

There are many service providers, who claim to unlock any iPhone with any iOS version, but most of them are a scam, and you’ll eventually end up paying more money. You might be wondering about the solution, that’s what this post is all about. We were finally able to find a service provider that is fast, reliable, and actually, work. is one service provider who claims and also delivers the result when it comes to unlocking your iPhone. Below we have written a detailed post on the service that DoctorUnlock has to offer, go and have a look.

iPhone Unlock Service by DoctorUnlock

DoctorUnlock guarantees money-back if your iPhone is not unlocked. Also, the process they use to unlock iPhone is guaranteed legit. Your iPhone’s IMEI number will be whitelisted in Apple’s database. Following this method, there are no chances of your iPhone getting locked again in the future. Above all, you can sync it with iTunes or upgrade the iOS version without getting your iPhone locked back.

Apart from that, the company also offers lifetime unlock warranty. That means if your device gets locked in the future for whatever reasons, they will unlock it for free. Moreover, they do not follow any hacking technique to unlock the iPhone, which is the best part. Last but not least; complete unlocking procedure is delivered over-the-air. That means you’ll not need to install any software on your PC/Mac to unlock your iPhone.

iCloud Unlock Service by DoctorUnlock

Apart from unlocking your iPhone, DoctorUnlock also offers services to unlock the iCloud account. If you have got an iPhone with iCloud Lock, then look no further. Just like unlocking iPhone, the company delivers over-the-air support to unlock the iCloud account. Go to their website, enter the IMEI code of your iPhone and wait for a day or two for the activation instructions. It is fast, cheap, and very much reliable service.

After your iCloud account is unlocked, you can add a new iCloud account and continue to use your iPhone like before. Similar to iPhone procedure, here also you can update the iOS version whenever you receive. Your iCloud account will never be locked again.


You might be thinking that how can you trust their services, as there are many scams like this bombarding the internet. The best answer is to check their reviews over Google. You can also check ratings of DoctorUnlock on, where they have 9.3 ratings out of 10, which indeed is proof that the company is not on the list of scammers.


Every iPhone has different ways of unlocking it, and thus, different prices are depending on your iPhone and the iOS version. Checking prices directly on their website would be great.

Visit for more information.

That’s all I have to say, if you too have a locked iPhone or a locked iCloud account, then DoctorUnlock is a recommended service to consider.

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