Dock Artisan’s Sport for iPhone 5s Is the Best Wallet Case We’ve Ever Seen

It is not often that you find really well-thought-out products in the market for iPhone 5s/5 cases. That is why, the Sport iPhone 5s case from Dock Artisan blew us away and we’re still trying to pick our jaws.

We first stumbled on the Kickstarter project while reviewing wallet cases for the iPhone 5s/5. Something about the project was truly interesting, truly amazing and now that we got our hands on the case (thanks to the wonderful folks at Dock Artisan), we want to tell you why the Sport for iPhone 5s is a genuinely fantastic wallet case.

The BookBook has been a standard example for highly-crafty and artistic iPhone wallet cases. As far as I know, no other case has come close to beating them in craftsmanship even though there are many competitors out there trying to beat TwelveSouth in that game.

With wallet cases, there are two things you’ve got to take care of: the bulkiness (which has to be minimized) and the versatility (which has to be maximized). It’s more of a balancing act and I guess in trying to achieve this balance, many case designers and manufacturers lose sight of the artistic craft that could go into the case.

I think that’s what makes Sport stand out from almost every single wallet case built for the iPhone 5s. It’s versatile, it’s somewhat light, it’s minimal but it has that straight-off-the-bat professionalism about it that you can flaunt it almost everywhere. And most importantly, it’s so cool that it lets you detach the iPhone 5s with a case on it!

First Impressions

Sport iPhone 5s Leather Wallet Case

Sport for iPhone 5s is a high-quality leather wallet. One of the first things it solves is it doesn’t look bulky, and for a wallet case, it doesn’t feel bulky either. It is one of those cases which you feel comfortable any way you carry it. The case feels wonderful when you use it thanks to its soft skin and a really smooth lining.

The iPhone pretty much snaps into place on the case. And the fact that the case is actually made up of two detachable parts (more on this later) makes it totally awesome. The case on which iPhone fits is made to hold the iPhone in place and protect the back pretty good. This leather back case is just like most other cases but is of a higher build-quality. You can put your iPhone into this leather back and just take it with you.

The Wallet

Dock Artisan's Sport iPhone 5s Leather Wallet Case

The leather back comes with magnets that stick to the magnets on the wallet. One of the first reservations we had was: would the magnets be strong enough to hold the iPhone? For all the lightness of the iPhone 5s/5, you couldn’t say that. But it turns out that the magnets are super strong without disturbing the compass/accelerometers inside the iPhone.

The wallet itself is a work of art. Beautifully crafted, every inch of the wallet has been tailored to look amazing. The three slots inside the wallet can hold your cards. About four cards can be easily accommodated (the total is 6, with 2 in each slot). Then there’s the hidden pocket where you can keep some of the cash.

Now, all this is normal for any wallet. What makes Sport truly enjoyable is the material and the craftsmanship. One look at the wallet case and you can say that some real thought has gone into the making of the iPhone 5s wallet case.


Wallet cases for the iPhone 5s are famous for being more of a reluctant buy. Even the BookBook has a smaller niche than one would expect because, let’s accept it, not everyone wants an Encyclopedic look for their iPhone’s case.

The Sport is probably the perfect leather wallet case ever designed for the iPhone 5s. I am not saying this because of its artistic perfection but it’s highly usable. Feel like carrying the cards and cash along with your iPhone? Take the wallet case. Don’t feel like it? Just snap out the leather back case and you don’t have to carry the wallet. But your iPhone is still protected.

Basically, Sport is a 2-in-1 case. And it’s a damn good one at that.

Price: $59.00
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