Distilunion Wally Wallet Case for iPhone 6

Gone are the times of bulky, awkward looking wallet cases with cards and cash stashed inside. This is the time to go minimal, sleek and have slim profile. Distilunion Walley wallet case is smartly designed to look stylishly slim-much to the envy of your iPhone 6!

Distilunion Wally Wallet Case for iPhone 6

Distilunion Wally Wallet Case for iPhone 6

The Pull-Tab

You can keep up to four cards and some folded dollar bills inside the case. The Wally case features pull-tab that easily lets you get the cards out of the pocket with utmost easy. Simply pull the ribbon and the cards will come out!

At first glance, you may say that cards will slip out of the compartment. But, it’s not true. They remain safely undercover until you pull the tab.

Added Protection

The hardshell comfortably snaps-on for added protection of your device. The genuine leather and soft-touch polycarbonate endow it both strength and style. Unlike any other wallet case, it is not bulky and lets iPhone shine through even when it is on.

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Sleek profile

Apple has introduced Apple pay in order to make paying more efficient than ever without having to carry cards all the time. As a result, iPhone 6/6 Plus users will no longer need to buy a bulky wallet case. This is where an intelligently made case like Wally can be very handy; and more significantly in the sync of the latest demand of times.

Highly Efficient

The Wally is highly efficient in letting you have an easy access to all the ports and buttons of your phone without any hassle at all. It fits pretty firmly. Far beyond the conservative features of traditional wallet cases, it stands on its own with aplomb.

Odds are that you may not like the price that seems a little high at $49.99. However, when you weigh all the features of the case, you will feel it is worth. Suffice to say, the Wally is more elegant than any other cases around!

Price:  $49.99
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Distilunion Wally Stick-On for iPhone 6

Distilunion Wally Stick-On for iPhone 6

Wally Stick-On from Distilunion is both fashionably and conveniently cool. This little beautiful-looking card case is the perfect solution, if you are done with the heavy wallet cases. No longer wish to carry your phone in big bag, the Wally will sort you out with much ease.

Easy Stick-On

The Wally Stick-On has a leather pocket on the back to allow you to keep up to four cards. Just peel the rubber, stick it on the back of your iPhone and it is fashionably done! It remains firmly stuck with your phone with the help of adhesive.

The 3M alternadhesive lets the Wally easily clings on your phone and most cases.

Doesn’t Leave Residue After Detachment

The best thing about Walley is that it doesn’t leave any residue behind when you detach it. Unlike most of the cases with adhesive, it doesn’t leave any impact on the phone. So, you don’t need to keep it stuck with your phone all the time.

Depending on the need, you can carry it with your phone. And when there is no need to carry cards, you can put it aside and free your iPhone from any extra bulk.

However, there is one con with it. If you plan to re-apply and remove the case quite frequently, you will require Recharge Pack.

The pull-tab

Your contents remain hid inside the pocket of Wally. You don’t have to face difficulty in getting the cards or dollar bills out of the leather pocket. Just pull the ribbon and all the contents come out! Quite simple, isn’t it?

Another thing you would like about it is that the cards don’t come out of the pocket. Nonetheless, you have to ensure you don’t stash too many cards inside the case. Else, the leather pocket will have a bulge appearance.

High Quality Leather

Made with a single piece of genuine leather, it is very soft. Though it is not a case, it has its own use that makes it a great utility.

Wally is priced at $39.99. While the price may seem to be a bit high for a little card case, it stands out purely based on the features and quality it brings with it. As you know that every good thing in the world comes with high price, it is just the same with it.

The Wally-Stick On is the proficient answer, if you have made up your mind to say good-bye to conservative wallet cases.

Price: $39.99
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