How to Disable “Time to Stand” Reminders on Apple Watch from iPhone

Tired of Time to Stand notification on your Apple Watch? Then follow these simple steps to disable it using your iPhone.

The Apple Watch is indeed a great gadget to have on the wrist to get notifications for health monitoring, steps walked, and many other things. The only problem is that it is yet not that smart to know when to notify a user with a certain message. It can tell you to stand and start walking while you are in the middle of something important.

Just for an example, if you are in a meeting or in a cinema, where you won’t stand and walk every hour; the Apple Watch will tap you on your wrist asking to stand up and walk. This is ridiculous as well as irritating at times. Thankfully, Apple has provided us with an option to disable such notification.

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How to Turn Off Time to Stand Reminders on Apple Watch

As of now, this feature is to be done manually, whether you wish to enable it or disable it. We hope that in future Apple will include an option to disable a certain notification for a limited time. Anyways, let’s get back to business and check how to disable Time to Stand reminders on Apple Watch.

How to Disable “Time to Stand” Reminders on Apple Watch from iPhone

Step #1. Launch the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on the My Watch tab at the bottom, in case you aren’t already there.

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Tap on My Watch in Apple Watch App on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on Activity.

Tap on Activity in Apple Watch App on iPhone

Step #4. Here you will find “Stand Reminders.”

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Step #5. Toggle off the switch next to it to disable the notification.

Turn Off Time to Stand Reminders on Apple Watch

That’s it; from now on, your Apple Watch will not order you to stand up and start walking. As said earlier, this notification stays disabled unless you follow the procedure again and toggle the switch on. This is one thing that Apple should address in next update.

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