Notifications can be annoying sometimes, especially while you are watching any interesting video. During such moments, you wish you could have disabled notifications as the frequent pop-up can lower the sound of a video and interrupt the stream.

There is a solution for this, but you need to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. Post Jailbreak, you can disable push notifications while watching videos on your iPhone.

How to Disable Push Notifications While Watching Videos on iPhone

You can Jailbreak your iPhone either using your Mac or any other Windows PC.

Once you Jailbreak your device, download NoBanner. You need to purchase this tweak; it's available at $1. After downloading NoBanner, there is not much to do. You can easily disable push notifications on your iPhone.

How to Disable Push Notifications while Watching Videos on your iPhone

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Scroll down to NoBanner Cydia Tweak.

NoBanner Cydia Tweak Setting on iPhone

By default, first option of Enabled is already toggled ON. If it is toggled OFF, you can toggle it ON.

Enable NoBanner Cydia Tweak on iPhone

Second is EXCLUDE APPLICATIONS. You can exclude applications from a list of apps you have downloaded or native apps. By following this, notifications on a select few applications will pop up while you are watching videos.

Apps Options of NoBanner Cydia Tweak

You can also see an option to Vibrate the phone; just toggle ON or OFF according to your requirement.