Digital world has its own merits and demerits. While this phenomenon was emerging on different electronic gadgets, it offered many things free! But guys, there is no such thing like a free lunch in this world; not even in the digital dome. What is being served you as free lunch has got an invisible price tag.

But why should I be critical of this digital world that gives me almost everything free? Read on…

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How to Disable Location Tracking on Facebook Messenger iPhone App

When Facebook launched its messenger app for smartphones, it forced users to download the app and use it. But users didn’t have an ounce of doubt that their location is tracked by this new messenger app from Facebook. By tracking users’ location, Facebook prepares advertising plans for its clients. Moreover, this social medium also stores our links we share and click on.

While chatting with your friends on Facebook messenger on iPhone, you must have noticed an arrow on the right corner of text box. This shows your location to your friend, if he is using iPhone. Apparently, Facebook also tracks this data while we are chatting as this feature is enabled as default settings.

If you want to turn off Facebook Messenger’s Location Tracking on iPhone, follow a few simple steps mentioned below.

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How to Disable Facebook Messenger’s Location Tracking on iPhone

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Step #1. Launch Settings on your iPhone.Tap Settings App on iPhoneStep #2. Tap on Privacy.Privacy Settings on iPhoneStep #3. Now tap on Location Services.Tap on Location Services on iPhoneStep #4. Scroll down to Messenger below Share My Location.Location Services for Facebook Messenger iPhone AppStep #5. Tap on Never under “ALLOW LOCATION ACCESS.”Turn Off Facebook Messenger Location Tracking on iPhoneNow, you can go back to your Facebook messenger and check the status of that Arrow on the right corner of text box. You will see that the Arrow is disabled now.