How to Disable Control and Notification Center on Lockscreen in iOS 9

Notification and Control Center may allow any unknown person to access some essential info on your iPhone even if it is locked by Passcode or Touch ID. Here is how to disable them in iOS 9.

Notification Center and Control Center are frequently used stuff on your iPhone or iPad. Primarily, both apps look quite innocent but they can reveal many private or personal matter of your life. Notification Center displays your personal messages like Twitter, Emails, WhatsApp and more.

The Control Center easily allows anybody to access your images and videos from Photos app. If your iPhone or iPad is unattended at any place, anybody can access valuable information even if the culprit doesn’t know the passcode of your iPhone.

How to Disable Control and Notification Center on Lockscreen in iOS 9

In this situation, you can disable Control Center and Notification Center on lockscreen of your iOS 9 device. We present simple methods for both apps.

How to Disable Notification Center on Lockscreen in iOS 9:

Step #1: Launch Settings app.

Launch Settings app on your iPhone

Step #2: Tap on Touch ID & Passcode.

Tap on Touch ID & Passcode on your iPhone

Step #3: Enter your passcode.

Enter your Lockscreen Passcode

Step #4: Scroll down and stop at ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED section.

Scroll Down and Stop at Allow Access When Locked Section

You can see first two options of Today and Notifications View.

Step #5: Toggle OFF these two options.

Toggle OFF Today and Notifications View options

You can check now that you won’t be able to access Notification Center when your iPhone screen is locked.

How to Disable Control Center on Lockscreen in iOS 9:

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone/iPad. follow the first steps of the above process of Disable Notification.

Step #2: Tap on Control Center.

Tap on Control Center on your iPhone

Step #3: Toggle OFF the option of Access on Lock Screen.

Toggle OFF the option of Access on Lock Screen

It’s done! Now nobody can access Control Center when your iPhone/iPad is locked. It is advisable that you disable the Control Center on lockscreen as anybody, who has got your iPhone, can turn off Wi-Fi or put your iPhone on Airplane mode.

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