Call waiting notifies you about an incoming call when you are on another call. You know this through the frequent “beep” you hear when you talking on another call.

Call Waiting can be an advantage when you cannot afford to miss any important call. When you hear the beep, you just have to look at the screen to know who’s calling. But sometimes, it can be annoying. You can, of course, disable this beep.

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Turn Off Call Waiting on iPhone

To avoid the interruption and the irritating beep sound, you can turn off Call Waiting on Your iPhone by doing this:

  1. Go to the Settings app on the iPhone
  2. Tap on Phone
  3. Now select “Call Waiting” feature and wait for the loader to show the switch.
  4. Swipe the Call Waiting switch to OFF.

How to Disable Call Waiting on iPhone

So that switches off call waiting, which means no more beeps. But where do the calls go? What does the caller hear?

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Turns out that when you turn off call waiting, the calls are routed to your Voice Mail automatically. Technically, you’re not missing any call unless the caller decides to cut the call before sending you a voice mail.

Turning off Call Waiting can fill up your voice mail pretty fast. Also, since you won’t be getting any notification whatsoever when you’re on a call, you might have to remember to check your voice mail to return calls.

No Option like “Call Waiting” on my iPhone?

Call Waiting is a carrier-specific feature but since most carriers support it, it’s not likely that you will run into this problem.

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However, some users have definitely reported that they don’t see the Call Waiting feature on their iPhones. Strange but in that case, you’ll have to contact your carrier to figure out if Call Waiting is supported and then follow the steps.