DetailedBatteryUsage is a new tweak that adds more info in the Battery Usage section of your iPhone/iPad (in iOS 8.x only). It unlocks all hidden battery usage stats and details which is never shown in the standard view.

Apple uses some extra battery stats that are hidden from normal users in the battery stat interface. Just like how we had hidden springboard settings, we have hidden battery settings and a tweak to show these things.

DetailedBatteryUsage Cydia Tweak

There some features like Battery Level Graph and options like save for Demo, are missing in standard menu. The tweak requires no configuration.

To Check Battery Details:

Make sure that you have installed the tweak.

Go to Settings Usage Battery Usage

and you should see a partly different interface this time.

How to See Hidden Battery Usage Stats in iOS 8-x

You will see a graph that indicates the battery charge/discharge status (that corresponds to the time-period you have selected). Another interesting feature is the daemon processes. With the tweak installed, you'll be able to take a look at more than just the normal stock apps. You get a list of daemon processes and how much they consume the battery. Watch out for launchd. Don't freak out when you see that it is eating a lot of battery. It's a known issue/feature.

DetailedBatteryUsage is up for grabs from the BigBoss repo for free. It works flawlessly on iPhones and iPads.