One reason you find so many contact managing apps on the App Store is the limitations forced by the stock Contacts app in iOS. On the iPhone, Contacts is just a part of the Phone app. And it's not really designed well, either.

A newly-launched app, Dentity, wants to take over Contacts. The app is a smart, “intuitive and elegant” contact manager for the iPhone (and for Android smartphones). At its best, Dentity will automate contact management with every change made by a contact in your list automatically updated to your iPhone. You wouldn't have to worry about being up-to-date on contact information of your friends, colleagues and other connections.

Dentity An iPhone and iPad App

It's pretty much the same problem that Intouch tried to solve. Auto-updating contact information is not just a handy “automation” but it's essentially important. For folks whose business thrives in communication/connections, having the latest contact-information is mandatory. With apps like Dentity, this becomes a breeze.

Dentity iPhone App Features

Dentity has one major obstacle to cross: it has to get people on its platform to become the go-to app for contact management. In the app, you can add only people who already use Dentity (through the web, through iPhone or through other smartphones). When I was about to import contacts, I had exactly zero people already using the service. That's also because Dentity just launched and it will take sometime before a lot of people start using it. You can invite people from your address book (right from within the app) to install and use the app.

Dentity iPhone Contact Manager
But what is really good about Dentity is the interface. It's minimalist, iOS 7-ish, quick/slick and most importantly, very user-friendly. Within Dentity, you can quickly reach out to a person through call, message or email with the quick-menu for each contact. This is such a simple but useful feature that one wonders why Apple has still not added this functionality to stock.

Dentity is minimalist in features too. There is a sense of ease when you use it, a sense of “flow” which makes the experience pleasant.

Dentity allows you to customize the privacy of your contact information. You can pick what data is visible to others and what is hidden. Also, you can create groups and add people quickly, seamlessly. And most notably, it syncs across all your devices because it's web-based.

Dentity iPhone App Settings
With contacts based apps, one thing that has always bothered me is security. When you give an app access to your contacts, one has to be careful about what it does with the data and how it handles it. Incidentally, not only is Dentity secure on the web but it hashes data so that it's secure everywhere.

Dentity scores good on design/UI and the overall experience. It would be a kickass app if it could handle my address book right off the bat (that is, without the criteria that a contact must be on Dentity to be added to my list).

Alternatively, if you're a team, a startup, a company or an enterprise, you must switch to Dentity for a near-perfect, seamless, auto-managed contacts book. It's a must-have for small and mid-sized teams.

There are no charges/fees to use Dentity, on the web and on the iPhone.

Price: Free
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