Gaming Subscription Services Arcade & Stadia Have Bright Future: Digital Media Trends

For real gamers, there is nothing like a gaming subscription service, which allows them to play games anywhere, anytime. They can play their favorite games on their smartphones and tablets on the go.

When Apple launched its Arcade in its March event 2019, the developer community was all excited to design exclusive gaming apps for Apple Arcade. However, there were some questions and concerns raised by experts about independent game developers and subscription plans.

Andrew Webster says, “One of the concerns for developers is that subscriptions could eliminate a large percentage of paid game sales, though there isn’t much historical precedence to determine whether this will happen.”

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Gaming Subscription Is Great News for True-Blue Gamers

For subscribers, however, subscription gaming is great news. If we talk about Apple’s Arcade, most of its contents, i.e., games will be a high-quality experience.

According to a survey – Digital media trends – conducted by Deloitte, more US millennials subscribe to video games than traditional pay TV.

“Over the past few years, the growth in gaming across generations has been dramatic and swift. Overall, 30 percent of US consumers pay for a gaming subscription service, and 41 percent play video games at least weekly,” according to Deloitte’s Digital media trends survey, 13th edition.

“Indeed, there are more millennials, now, who have a gaming subscription than those with a traditional Pay TV subscription—and close to one-half of millennials and Gen Z pay for both a gaming and video streaming service,” report reads.

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About 53% of people born between 1983 and 1996 now pay for gaming services, versus 51% who pay for television.

That is compared with Deloitte’s survey last year, in which paid subscriptions among millennials were 44% for video games and 52% for television.

The survey notes, “Paid television through cable, satellite or fiber – for instance, Comcast Corp’s Xfinity, Dish Network Corp or AT&T Inc’s U-verse TV – has been challenged by changing viewer habits, particularly the rise of direct-to-consumer streaming services.”

Notably, Apple and Google both introduced their digital video game subscriptions – Arcade and Stadia – in March this year.

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Kevin Westcott, chief of Deloitte’s US telecom, media, and entertainment practice, said: “increased game consumption comes as more people fill their spare time playing on mobile devices instead of reading and other activities.”

In his mail to Reuters, Westcott said, “Gaming companies have also been developing more compelling content and interaction with their consumers.”

An independent research firm, on behalf of Deloitte, conducted this survey from December 2018 to February 2019, and 2003 US consumers participated in this research.

That’s all folks!

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Signing off…

The explosion of direct-to-consumer subscription services will change the game, literally. Consumption of content has become extremely personal as young users own smartphones and tablets across the globe. This, perhaps, inspired tech giants like Apple and Google to develop dedicated gaming services like Arcade and Stadia.

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