Here’s How to Delete Safari Search History on iPhone or iPad?

It is very easy to clear Safari search history on iPhone or iPad. Here is the step-by-step guide to delete Safari history on iDevice.

Yes, you can clear/delete Safari’s search history on your iPhone/iPad and it’s as easy as clearing out the history. We’ve written clearing history and cookies already but this is for folks who are specifically asking: “Is there a way to clear Safari’s search history on iPhone/iPad?”

Mobile Safari’s unified search bar means you can directly search from the bar, and you even get to pick the search engine of your choice (Google, Bing or Yahoo). Siri, however, returns results from Bing whenever you ask her to search for something on the web.

Here’s How to Clear Safari Search History on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Safari on your iDevice and Tap on Book icon → Tap on History (clock icon.)

Tap on BookMark then History Icon in Safari on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. If you wish to delete a Particular search, swipe from right to left and tap on Delete.

Delete Particular Safari History on iPhone or iPad

If you wish to clear all history, tap on Clear and select appropriate option.

Clear Safari Search History on iPhone or iPad

This clears up all the history including search history that’s stored up in iPhone/iPad’s Safari. If you wish to clear History and Cookies in Safari on the iPhone and iPad, check out this post.

If you don’t want to discreetly clear up search history on your iPad every time after you use it, there’s private mode. Private Mode does not save any history (this includes search history, websites, etc.)

It has become quite easy to go into the Private mode right from within Safari just by tapping on the Private button at the bottom-left in the tab view mode.

On the iPhone or iPad, unlike the search bar in macOS, your search terms are not exactly listed as a saved term. Instead, they are displayed as “search suggestions” based on what you’ve searched for in the past.

After clearing out the search history, when you type a keyword in the search bar, you might see some suggestions.

These are not coming from search history; instead, these are from a feature that suggests search terms from Google/Bing/Yahoo. You can turn them on/off from Smart Search Field.

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